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We are EVS volunteers from Russia and France in Zarasai public library in Lithuania. We came in Lithuania in November 2015 and since then we are participating in the life of the library. In fact, we are very active, we organize different events such as teaching (English club and French club), presentations (about EVS program and ourselves) and more.

However, the budget of the library does not allow us to buy new books for this summer. As we are involved in everyday life here at the library and in the city of Zarasai, we can see the needs of our community.

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That’s why we plan to have summer reading clubs for children, in English, French and Russian. First of all, then, we needed English books, but it is quite hard to find them in Lithuania. We wrote, then, to the Catholic Truth Society: we were looking for a collaboration with publishing companies from the UK to help us in our project.

We wrote to the charity about our need for Children‘s Books in English and they kindly offered to send us 5 books about Saints and two others about John Paul II and Virgin Mary. On the 8th March 2016, we received books from CTS in our library in Lithuania.

Zarasai 3In 2016, we think that networking with publication companies is one of the best way to enlighten children about Christian religious figures. Collaboration in our society is important because it brings closer relations and new motivation for developing and learning.

Reading books is more than a hobby: it is an inspiration for our daily lives. A book is a source of knowledge and ideas to make up one‘s mind. Written pages bring an individual to another level of self-development.

What we plan to do this summer is an English reading club for children about Christianity. Plus, in our library there is a mother club, and, as we now can provide these resources, we will use CTS books as an example for basic English information about Catholicism.

The project is to go to primary schools or to invite kids to the library in order to read the books, the mother with her child, and improve their English skills by reading, listening, making a discussion.

Great projects ahead, and, despite the difficulties, we are starting to collect the resources for them!

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