Youth Ministry Bishop Backs YouCat


The new Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church – YouCat, has been given a glowing commendation by the Bishop responsible for youth ministry in England and Wales.

The Rt Rev Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton diocese, who is in charge of this most important and special ministry, said:

“This new Catechism for young people from the CTS is a treasure.

“As the bishop of England & Wales with responsibility for ministry among young people, I am delighted to recommend it to all in youth ministry, whether that is outside school or inside.”

A challenge from the Holy Father

Here at CTS Catholic Compass, we recently published some sample pages of the new Catechism, including the Pope’s introduction.

For Bishop Conry, Pope Benedict’s words are so much more than a preface to the volume, as he says:

“The Pope’s words in the introduction set the tone of a text that is attractive and at the same time challenging.

“He speaks of his ‘heartfelt desire’ that young people should study this, and the abiding image of Pope Benedict in front of Westminster Cathedral with our youth illustrates this beautifully.”

What we are made for

On those steps, the Pope spoke of how each heart desires, and is made for, love. Pope Benedict reminded us all that this is what it means when the Bible speaks of our being made in the image of God.

The Youth Catechism, which will be available in Britain and Ireland from the middle of April, teaches us the very same lesson. If we are made in the image of God, then we must do all we can to understand that image of which we ourselves are a reflection.

YouCat is a vital and vibrant opportunity for young people to do this, as Bishop Conry points out:

“It is a joy to pick up, delightfully illustrated and so engaging in its words. I am sure it will bear much fruit.”

The message of the Gospel must be announced afresh to every generation and here is a way to announce it to our own.

We too, hope that together with the beatification next month of John Paul II, who had such a special relationship with young people, and the coming World Youth Day in Madrid, YouCat can help to bear fruit for both the present and the future of the Church.


YouCat will be available in Britain and Ireland from mid-April 2011, published by the Catholic Truth Society and available direct from the publisher or from religious bookshops. You can pre-order here and preview a PDF extract here.

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