World Youth Day pilgrims: Get your photos in a CTS booklet!


World Youth Day is just days away now, and if you are lucky your photos could feature in the CTS booklet that will be published after the event.

Here at CTS we have published booklets of the addresses given by both Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul, at World Youth Days, showing that the purpose of these meetings is to draw closer to Jesus with Peter’s help and we need your help illustrating the one for Madrid.

If you are going, join us on Facebook and upload your photos, and you will get a free copy of it too! Then the best ones will be selected to go into the booklet.

Meanwhile, the executive director of World Youth Day Madrid 2011, Yago de la Cierva, is reported by the CNA as having said that they are still receiving nearly 5,000 new registration forms a day. He was also asked about protests against the event and the arrival of the Holy Father, which look like taking place in Madrid.

“Spain is a free and democratic country and freedom of speech is allowed. It shouldn’t bother anybody that a group of young people use their own money to organize a festival in which they aren’t going to be disparaging anyone.”

World Youth Days are not, as has been said before, the Christian equivalent of today’s festivals. Creative Minority Report today published a humorous if telling comparison between World Youth Day and perhaps the most famous of all festivals, Woodstock.

In 1995, Pope John Paul II, who had instituted the event 10 years before, held World Youth Day in Manila, with an estimated 5 million people, quite possibly the largest single gathering in human history. It is unlikely that that number will be topped, however there is certainly likely to be over a million people, with some estimates putting the number at twice that, which would be a similar total to the one registered at the Roman World Youth Day 11 years ago.

To get inspired, pick up Don’t be afraid to be saints, a collection of quotes and reflections for young people taken from past World Youth Days on vocations, service, the Church and much more.

YouCat – the youth catechism of the Catholic Church is also published by the CTS in the UK & Ireland and priced £9.95

And don’t forget to send us your pics!

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