World War I – Looking back 100 years on

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The centenary of the start of the Great War was marked across the world on Monday. World leaders and dignitaries, as well as ordinary people around the globe, stood and wondered how and why those four years of destruction happened.

It has been the work of many historians in the intervening 100 years to attempt to answer these questions, yet what was chiefly being remembered was not the political decision making but the courage, sacrifice and suffering of millions across the continent and further afield.

Here at the CTS we too have looked back at our archives from that time to produce the booklet Stories of World War I, bringing together the experience of ordinary Catholic soldiers and the chaplains who ministered to them. As the introduction states:

“From the very outbreak of the War, the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) was involved with the British war effort. Most importantly, it co-operated with the War Office in providing very large numbers of Simple Prayer Books for Catholic soldiers and sailors, and also other devotional material. Several booklets were also published during the War describing how it specifically affected Catholics.”

You can read an extract from the booklet below and it is available from the CTS website priced £2.50.

Of related interest:

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Benedict XV & World War I Benedict XV & World War I – Giacomo della Chiesa was elected pope in September 1914, only weeks after the outbreak of the First World War. On the centenary of that tragic development, this booklet examines how he (Benedict XV) and so many others worked courageously to stop the carnage – against all the odds.

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