“Why I became a member of the CTS” An interview with Charles Whitehead

A picture of interviewee Mr Charles Whitehead

Charles Whitehead is a well known speaker and author on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, attending conferences and addressing audiences from Melbourne to Norway and many places in between. He is a Member of the CTS and has written for us.

We caught up with him to ask why he decided to support us in this vital way:

CTS Catholic Compass:Why and how did you become a member of the CTS?

Charles Whitehead:I became a member of the CTS because for several years I have had an account with you and receive new Church Documents on a regular basis, as part of your Vatican Documents Service. Membership seemed a natural progression from this.

CTS Catholic Compass:What motivated you to become more involved with our work?

Charles Whitehead: When you set up the membership scheme I also saw this as an important way of supporting the valuable work you are doing in producing and making widely available good Catholic information and teaching resources.

CTS Catholic Compass:Which aspect of our work do you see as the most important?

Charles Whitehead: For me the two most important aspects of your work are, firstly, making widely available official Church Documents, and secondly, commissioning booklets on aspects of the faith and the life of the Church in response to the particular needs of our time.

CTS Catholic Compass:What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a Member?

Charles Whitehead: I would encourage anyone thinking of supporting CTS to seriously consider becoming a member, thereby making a definite contribution to the educational and evangelistic work and mission of the Church.

The Catholic Truth Society’s charitable work would not be possible without the support of our Members who enable us to sustain these vital activities, so thank you to all of you!

If you are not yet a Member, you can help too: as a Member you will receive up-to-date information on all CTS activities, including stories from the people that you are helping. We will also let you know about ways to become more involved in the work of CTS.

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