U.N. report on sexual abuse “riddled with errors” expert says

by Dr Pravin Thevathasan, a consultant psychiatrist and author of The Catholic Church and the Sex Abuse Crisis, published by the Catholic Truth Society.

“The February 5 report from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has demanded that the Catholic Church changes its teachings on contraception, abortion and homosexuality. Once again we see the way in which the very real evil of clergy sexual abuse has been exploited to further a secularist ideology. One of the ideologists behind the report is the Peruvian Susana Villaran, a gay rights activist. An internet search shows that another expert, Maria Herczog, campaigns for the rights of ‘LGBT persons including children.’

The report is riddled with numerous errors. It is implied that the Vatican employs the clergy and it is therefore responsible for their actions. This is not true. It states that the Holy See ‘established its full jurisdiction over child sex abuse cases in 1962.’ But in 1962 the issues dealt with related specifically to crimes of solicitation in the confessional. The report states that, later on, sex abuse cases were placed ‘under the exclusive control of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith’ as if the local bishop has nothing more to do with the matter. Again, this is not true.

The Holy See is accused of interfering with civil procedures of the state. But at no time has this happened. The Holy See ‘interferes’ only with canonical procedures like laicisation. The report requests that child abuse should no longer  be referred to as a delict but as a crime even though delict means crime.

None of the recent safeguarding procedures implemented in the UK and elsewhere are discussed.

From this report, it would appear that some sections of the United Nations are attempting to impose a secularist agenda. Indeed, recently UNESCO has joined with the Sexuality Information and Education Council (the notorious SIECUS founded by Planned Parenthood member Mary Calderone) to produce sex education programmes encouraging early sexual exploration.

Little wonder then that the UN wants the Church to change its teaching on sexuality. We may have to prepare for more reports like this one.”

Dr Pravin Thevathasan is the author of The Catholic Church and the Sex Abuse Crisis, published by the Catholic Truth Society priced £2.50.

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