The Year of Faith, Vatican II and prayer

The Year of Faith, which begins next month, was called to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, opened on October 14th 1962.

The Year is bound to reinvigorate the long-running debates surrounding the Council, its intentions and its implementation. There was recently an excellent blog post from Francis Phillips at the Catholic Herald, looking at the Church before the Council and asking whether there were not already visible signs of trouble.

This intellectual debate is vital, yet there is a danger of Catholics being labelled for or against the Council, and this division may prove a distraction from the Holy Father’s core principles behind this special Year: profess the Faith, celebrate it and witness to it.

Francis Phillips closes her post with the following honourable mention of the CTS, remembering that prayer is the best way to begin the Church’s vital engagement with the modern world:

“The CTS, certainly one of the hopeful signs of a renewed Catholic apostolate today, compared with its faded booklets in the porches of parish churches in the past, has produced a ‘Year of Faith Prayer Book’. It includes prayers to the Trinity, Our Lady, the saints and for the Church and the world. Our country, which has lost its moral compass, needs many prayers as we know. Action has to begin in prayer. Using the ‘Year of Faith Prayer Book’ would be a start.”

Year of Faith Prayer Book edited by Barry Pearlman, is available from CTS priced £1.95

Of related interest:

Companion to Faith –This booklet is full of practical ideas about increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith over the course of this special year.
Year of Faith Leaflet – This leaflet will help to familiarise Catholics and others with the Year of Faith. You will find plenty of ideas and practical suggestion of how you can take advantage of this special time.
Porta Fidei – Gate of Faith – In this document proclaiming a ‘Year of Faith’ to run from October 2012 up to the feast of Christ the King in 2013, Pope Benedict explains his reasons for calling this year, and how he intends to bring the faithful to a renewed proclamation of the Christian creed.

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