The universal call to holiness – a talk by Paschal Uche

The Pope & UK youth

When the Pope came to Britain in September 2010, he met young people on two major occasions, once at “The Big Assembly” in Twickenham, and once briefly, outside Westminster Cathedral.

There, he was greeted by Paschal Uche, who spoke movingly on behalf of Britain’s young Catholics. Paschal will speak again at Westminster Cathedral on June 29th, reflecting on the Papal visit and the Holy Father’s message to young people.

The address, entitled, “The universal call to holiness”, is being organised by the Young Friends of Westminster Cathedral. You can find out more by visiting their website here, or sending an e-mail to

In his speech to Benedict XVI, at midday on September 18th 2010, Paschal remembered John Paul II’s description of Christianity as a “Noble and authentic adventure” and continued:

“We want other young people to experience this. It is our prayer that your visit inspires us to be ‘saints of the third millennium’. For many of us before today you were a face on the television or a picture in a Church but today we behold you face to face and on behalf of the Catholic youth of this great nation I would like to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude for your visit.”

Many other things were said and images captured, all brought together in, Benedict XVI and Blessed John Henry Newman the State Visit – September 2010 – the Official Record, and the mainstream media were surprised by the warmth and affection evident in the exchange.

This new talk is a great opportunity, now that the emotion has become a cherished memory, to remind ourselves what the Pope asked not just of young people, but of all Catholics and men of goodwill in the UK.

You can also view the event on Facebook here.

Here is a reminder of the unforgettable day – do please come and listen to the talk.

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