The New Daily Missal – Your questions answered


There has been a delay in publishing our CTS Daily Missal, so we took some of your questions, which have arrived via blog comments, e-mails and telephone enquiries, and put them to our Missal Project Manager,  Pierpaolo Finaldi.

CTS Catholic Compass: The Daily Missal was originally scheduled for release earlier – what happened?

Pierpaolo Finaldi: As with all the Missals, from the Ritual editions to the Sunday Missals and now the Daily editions, all the publishers have been working against the clock, as we received the corrected texts from Rome much later than we had hoped; but I think they were well worth the wait. Even in today’s computerised design environment which allows us to work at speeds which Publishers of the past could only have dreamed of, we only really get one shot at formatting a book of this size and complexity, so we wanted to be sure that it was as good as we could possibly make it. In the end we felt that it was better to delay by a few weeks and give the book the close but time-consuming attention it deserved, so that the readers could enjoy a better publication over the years that they will own this Missal.

CTS Catholic Compass: Can you tell us what is involved in producing a book of this size, and how different is it from the Sunday Missal?

Pierpaolo Finaldi: A book of this size is always a question of finely balancing lots of competing demands. The book must contain everything, but be of a manageable size. The paper weight must be light in order for the book not to be too thick, but it must also be sufficiently opaque to be easily readable. Getting these things right has been a real challenge, and there’s always room for improvement.

The Sunday Missal is a comparatively simple book because the Sunday Liturgy allows the celebrant very little leeway in terms of the content of the Mass, therefore although there is a lot of text to set, the amount of cross-referencing and the options in terms of prefaces, prayers and readings are limited. In a Daily Missal, which contains both Sunday and Weekday Masses, there are many more options. Weekday Mass can be said using the Mass of the day or sometimes using prayers and/or readings from the Saint of the day, or a combination of the two. We wanted to cover the options as exhaustively as possible in a user-friendly way, while at the same time keeping the Missal to a manageable size.

CTS Catholic Compass: Can you go through some of the features of the Daily Missal?

Pierpaolo Finaldi: The CTS Daily Missal will be the only Missal which will contain the Sunday texts as well as the texts for weekday Mass, so it’s an extremely comprehensive volume. Added to that is the fact that all the texts from the Mass will be in both Latin and the new English translation.

We are looking at over 3000 pages of text which is 1000 pages longer than our Bible. It will have six ribbons, which I think users will appreciate, although since the placement of that many ribbons in a book is a manual process it does add a bit of time onto the production process.

The same artwork as was used in the Altar Missal will be present in the Daily Missal, and I hope that will be of real help to people in increasing the devotional value of this Missal.

CTS Catholic Compass: Is this the end of the Roman Missal project?

Pierpaolo Finaldi: Absolutely not; in fact it’s only the beginning. The improvements in the language and translation will certainly be rolled out across the all the different Rites of the Catholic Church, and we will respond to those with good quality, user-friendly resources as soon as we can.

You can pre-order your Daily Missal on the CTS website.

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RM07a CTS New Daily Missal – The new translation of the Mass together with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays and all weekdays of the year.

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33 comments on “The New Daily Missal – Your questions answered

  1. Dear Pierpaolo,
    On 19th January I asked about the size of the Daily Missal-with the beginning of March not far away, do you yet have any idea of its size? Also the cost of a leather cover?
    With the beginning of Lent it would be good to have the Missal for Mass during Lent-are you still on track for early March?
    Many thanks.


    January 30, 2012 at 8:13 pm Reply

    I ordered and paid for my daily Missal last year and, the last I heard was that delivery would be in March. Is this still the case?
    Can I buy a suitable protective cover for the Missal? A book used daily and of this significance deserves to be well kept and protected. My current Daily Missal has been my constant companion wherever I’ve been in the World. The new one, eagerly awaited, will be similarly widely travelled.

    • Early March is still the date and yes we will be selling a cover but we do not have any yet. Keep an eye on this blog and we will announce it as soon as we do. We are glad to hear our missal will see some exotic locations too!

      • Alfonso John Forte

        March 14, 2012 at 12:45 pm Reply

        I’ve just received my Daily Missal and must tell you that I am delighted with it. I’m working my way through it to make myself familiar with all its contents. I will purchase the cover as soon as it becomes available. Such a lovely companion deserves all the protection I can give it!
        Regards and God’s blessings to all who have worked so hard to produce this wonderful book.
        A.J. F.

  3. Hi i was wondering if there was a paperback edition of the daily missal for the year 2012 available to tide us over till we get delivery of the new 3 year missal. Just like St Pauls Sunday missal for this year If so how much is it.Thanks Anthony

    • Dear Anthony,

      Thanks for getting in touch, taking your enquiries one at a time:
      1. The Daily Missal you have bought is the only one we are doing, there are no plans for a specific 2012 one please contact St Pauls about that.
      2. We do not offer medals, but you should be able to put one on the end of the ribbon once your Missal arrives.
      3. The text is 9.5 size which should be easily readable, we did have to think about striking a balance however, larger text would have meant a larger volume. As is pointed out, it will be a fair size but it is a lot of material and a lot of Masses!
      4. We are planning to have a leather cover made for the daily missal so keep an eye on this blog and as soon as they become available – which we are arranging to be at the same time as the missal itself – you can place an order.
      5. Finally, the Mass in all the English speaking countries you mention IS now the same. There are however, still differences in the calendars each country uses and the saints each country celebrates.

      Hope all that helps


      • Dear sfinalri
        Thank you very much for your quick reply. You have answered all my question’s for me and i am looking forward to getting my new missal while i do bring the old one to mass i cant get much use from it.I think that the text will be fine as i have seen a picture of it on your site. One thing though i was wondering why is it that the priest does not tell the people which preface or eucharistic prayer they are going to use it is a pain trying to find the one that they are saying before they finish it. Anthony

        • A very interesting question! I have been told that in some churches, priests put information about the Eucharistic prayer to be used next to the hymns, so people can find it in advance and follow. You would have to go and talk to your parish priest about offering this information.

  4. I have ordered and paid for my new daily missal and see that there is a delay in sending them out. That is fine as long as i get it by early March as stated now. I was wondering if it is possible to include a little medal on the bottom of the ribbon which i remember my late father having on his old one pre vatican11. Also you say that you will have the text will be in both Latin and English will this not make the print too small to read in comfort as my sight is not 100% i would find this difficult. You also say that it will be over 3000 pages will this not be a lot heavier than the one i have at present. Will you inform us of the availability of a leather cover for the daily missal befory you send it to us so as we could get delivery of both at the same time. One last question why is it that the mass in America is not the same as UK/Ireland i taught that this was part of the whole idea of the new cahnge being brought in. Thanks Anthony

  5. I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I am interested in the Daily Roman Missal with (Black Genuine Leather covers please).
    Can you please tell me the size of the printing (as I have poor eye sight) and the cost?
    I can make a “Pre-Order” and do not mind waiting till March.
    I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
    Many thanks.


    • Please check with St Paul’s publications, who will be selling a version of the CTS Daily Missal with the Austrialian Proper of Saints and lectionary, they should be able to help.

  6. Will the Daily Missal have the additional Australian texts?
    What a great job you are all doing! Thanks.

    • Thanks for the compliment! For the Australian texts, please talk to St Paul’s publications who will be selling a version of our Daily Missal with the desired texts in them.

  7. Hi,

    I would certainly be interested in a leather cover for both Daily and Sunday Missal. Could you let me known when they will be available and I shall order.

    • We now have covers for the Sunday Missal, but they cannot at this time be ordered online. Just phone our customer service team on 0207 640 0042 and they will be able to help you order one.

  8. Thank you for the information on the Daily Missal. Can you give a definitive answer on its size-i.e. length, width and depth, given that it is in the region of 3000 pages. If it is too big a book –the Sunday Missal is certainly substantial-then it might cause me to think again about buying one.
    Is the cover ‘flexible’ or like a hardback book?
    Good idea to have 6 ribbons. Is the paper ‘Bible’ paper-thin and flimsy?
    Many thanks.

    • The cover will be hardback, similar to the Sunday Missal cover and the paper will be similar too, so not quite as thin as a Bible. We are as yet unable to give dimensions but keep an eye on the this blog and we’ll publish them as soon as we know!

  9. I’ve pre-ordered the new Daily Missal, and wonder if you know of any covers available for it, as I presume it will be bigger in size than current Daily Missals.

    Many thanks

    • We certainly have plans to have a leather cover made for our Daily Missal and we are aiming to have them in as quickly as possible after the Daily Missal itself in early March. We also have leather covers for the Sunday Missal, if you are interested in those let us know. Meanwhile keep an eye out for announcements about large covers on this blog.


  10. My comment is not really aimed at you, the publishers, but at the translators of the Latin text. You say that the the translation is improved, but I would disagree strongly. Who, in fact, translated the missal? Were they all priests? Was the laity involved in the process at all? It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that this is the Catholic church again presenting the majority of its adherents with another fait-accompli. Speaking as a professional linguist with over thirty years’ experience, the translation is a retrograde step, and in addition, insults the female half of the population.

    • I am a female and am not insulted. English speaking Catholics will finally be using the same translation as Catholics from Spain, Germany, France, etc. With the relatively few changes to the Third Roman Missal perhaps Catholics born after Vatican II can now appreciate what a major upheaval it was for preconciliar Catholics in going from Latin to the vernacular.

      The Vox Clara Commission has done a fine job of giving us a translation that is reverent and faithful to the Latin original. German is my first language and I also studied Romance languages. I am delighted with the restored (not “new”) translation.

    • Please spare us such emotional but brainless statements as “the translation… insults the female half of the population”. If you feel insulted, put your pronoun there, cause not all women or men reach the same conclusions as you did. But for the few instances when “man” and “men” are used generically in the new translation and with reasonable justification, you feel insulted?

      I find the new translation refreshing and a marked improvement over the 1973 and 1998 texts. They are of a different style certainly, from what we are used to in everyday speech and communication, and this is precisely where having a Missal can help. Once we get used to the syntax, I think many of us will find the new texts a natural part of our prayer rhythm.

  11. I would like to know the date on which the Daily Missals are going on general sale in England. I can not afford to paid up front because I am out of work at the moment. Iam waitting to go into hospital for am operation,So every penny counts at this moment in time.Amazon have price the new missal at £35.99 with free deliver. Can you help because I cannot use my old missal any more.
    God bless Andrew.

    • Dear Andrew,

      You could buy it from amazon that’s fine, we are not 100% sure of the date. It will certainly be at the start of March,


  12. William Polakiewicz

    January 19, 2012 at 11:04 am Reply

    I received the missal you sent me in good condition. Unfortunitly the one you sent me is for the use in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

    What do I have to do to get the correct copy for use in the United States? I feel like it was an honest mistake and blame no one. I didn’t know there were different copies and I’m sure who ever packaged this one up for me didn’t check to see which one they were sending me.

    Please e-mail me at and let me know something.
    Yours in Christ,
    Bill Polakiewicz

    • We are sorry that was not clearer, if you wish to return your Missal for a refund, please contact our Customer Service team:

      There are several publishers in the USA for the Missal, just ask your local Catholic bookseller or your parish priest.

      Thank you

  13. What of the Sunday Missal, if I should order one now, when should I expect to receive it.

  14. I have ordred and paid for a copy of the New Roman Missal when could I expect to reeive it?

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