The Inside Story – Publishing the Roman Missal, part 3

Mr Fergal Martin holding the CTS Study Missal

In the last part of his interview with Peter Jennings, CTS’s General Secretary Fergal Martin expands on who worked on the project and our future liturgical publications.

Peter Jennings: Since the CTS have exclusive publication rights does this mean that Missals published in other countries cannot be used here?

Fergal Martin: “In order for other editions of the English Roman Missal to be used in this country the Bishops’ Conference would have to formally grant permission. This has nothing to do with publication matters but liturgical use.

To be clear – this is not CTS ‘sprainting its territory’ to prevent another publisher from trespassing. This is a Church matter. Those who say that the text is the same do not understand the principle of unity in diversity: the right of the local Church to govern which books are used in its territory.

“Equally CTS is forbidden from promoting our book into other jurisdictions, without the express permission of the local Bishops; – if they elected to use the CTS edition for use in their territory then that is another question – for example the Bishops of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei have requested this of us.

“First and foremost, the Missal produced by CTS is for use in England & Wales, Scotland and Australia at the request of those three Conferences. It would be quite wrong therefore, as I understand it, for publishers or bookshops in the UK, to import and promote for liturgical use, for example, copies of the Missal published for the USA, into the UK. They would have to obtain permission from the Bishops here first to do that.”

Peter Jennings: I am sure that Catholic lay-faithful, priest and religious would like to know a little about your background and members of your team that worked on the project?

Fergal Martin: “The CTS team was headed by Piero Finaldi who has been with us for more than 12 years, together with CTS production staff, Glenda Swain and Corre Ruse, who formatted and designed all the elements. A team of freelancers fed all corrections and checks to Piero at our office based in Vauxhall, south London.

“Throughout the project, Piero was in constant contact with the three Bishops’ conferences – England and Wales, Scotland and Australia, their readers and checkers, as well as our own internal liturgical publications group and clergy advisers. There were also periodic visits to our Italian printers and binders who were a joy to work with.

“My own background is legal publishing, starting life as trainee barrister many moons ago. I have been at CTS now for 16 years, and like many of the staff here my Catholic faith is extremely important to me. I consider it a rare privilege to have been entrusted with a project of this importance.”

Peter Jennings: Among the various pastoral aids published by the CTS I believe that the three booklets, “Understanding the Roman Missal”, “Participating in the Mass” and “A Simple Guide to the Mass” by Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB, a distinguished liturgist, have been particularly well received. Does CTS plan further to publish further pastoral liturgical publications by this and other authors during 2012?

Fergal Martin: “Yes. We are developing a series of booklets on ‘Living the Liturgy’ which we hope will renew people’s interest and be a good source of information and even rediscovery.

“The booklets by Abbot Cuthbert’s really do hit the mark, meeting the average, normal Mass-goer at just the right level.”

Peter Jennings: Do you have any other points you would like to make at the end of this wide-ranging interview?

Fergal Martin: “Not really, other than to thank you and all who work with CTS and especially our members and donors who encourage and support us in so many ways.

“Finally, I am reminded of what I said to His Grace, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, President of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, when I, and members of my team, presented him with the new Missal on behalf of the CTS, during September 2011: ‘If this volume, in all its elements, can assist people in growing in their faith and prayer, and give glory to God, then CTS will have considered its very small part in all this, a job well done’.”

Please note:

All orders for Sunday Missals placed with CTS up to 8 November 2011 are being despatched this week 24-26 November 2011. (Standard (RM06), Burgundy Presentation (RM10) and White Presentation Editions (RM09).)

Orders placed after 8 November will be despatched on 13-15 December 2011, or earlier if stocks allow.

The CTS New Daily Missal will be published in early February 2012.

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RM01 Altar Missal – The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia.
RM03 Chapel Missal – CURRENTLY REPRINTING, AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2012 – The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia, in a reduced size for chapels, use at the chair, etc.
RM02 Study Missal – The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia, in a scaled-down reference edition for reference, study and liturgical planning.

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2 comments on “The Inside Story – Publishing the Roman Missal, part 3

  1. why bring out a new missal before the new proposed readings are decided?
    We live in recessionary times.
    Will I have to buy yet another missal when the readings are decided?
    What time span is involved?

    • We did not wait for the lectionary because that could take 5 years or longer. As for buying another one, that is a long way off and even when the time to choose arrives, it will be up to you.

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