The end of the world? A Catholic expert interviewed

End of the world

Our summer titles are now available covering a wide and varied range of subjects. Here on CTS Compass, we have been speaking to some of the authors of those titles to find out a bit more about them and their books. Today we publish an interview with blogger, expert and first-time CTS author Emmett O’Regan on his book, The End of the World: What Catholics Believe.

CTSCompass: The end of the world is an often difficult and controversial subject to tackle, what did you want to achieve writing this text?

Emmett O’Regan: To help Catholics understand what the Catechism teaches on the subject of the end of the world, and to emphasize the fact that all forms of millenarianism have been forcefully condemned by the Church.

It shows that it is not possible for an ultimate triumph over evil to occur within human history, but only beyond history at the eschatological judgment, during the creation of the new heaven and earth. It is also careful to stress that there are a significant number of bogus private revelations currently in circulation, and urges readers to accept only those which can be documented back to an original source.

CTSCompass: So coming up against some of those different theories is what prompted you to write The End of the World?

Emmett O’Regan: Right. During the course of my time spent blogging on this subject over the last three years, I have encountered a rather sizeable number of Catholics who subscribe to the idea that the era of peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima should be equated with the Millennium of Rv 20, when Satan is bound for “a thousand years”. Given that this notion is basically a modern form of millenarianism, I was prompted to put together some material which attempts to outline the position of the Magisterium on the subject of eschatology.

CTSCompass: There is plenty of interest and literature, particularly online to do with the end of days. How does your book differ?

Emmett O’Regan: While there are already a small number of books dealing with the subject of Catholic eschatology, attempting to differentiate the Church’s teaching from the position of popular “rapture” preachers, there are none which specifically address the millenarian errors which exist within a particular sub-culture of Catholicism. Many of the books which cover the subject of private revelations also cite a large number of spurious prophecies which cannot be traced back to an original source, which this booklet warns against.

CTSCompass: So would you say it’s a case of equipping people with reliable answers?

Emmett O’Regan: It is my hope that this booklet will help ordinary Catholics, with a rudimentary knowledge of the Church’s position on the end times, to understand the Augustinian model of eschatology – which teaches that the binding of Satan took place during the ministry and sacrificial death of Christ in order to facilitate the spread of the Gospel and make it clear that we are not to expect a future period when the powers of Satan will be restricted.

This booklet should help to show how the Catechism’s teaching on the end times is directly based on the millennial eschatology of St Augustine, which is directly opposed to the precepts of millenarianism.

Here is an extract of the The End of the World – What Catholics Believe which is available from CTS, priced £2.50.

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2 comments on “The end of the world? A Catholic expert interviewed

  1. Hi David, sorry for the late reply. No I haven’t read any of Fr Ugo Vanni’s material before. Thanks for pointing it out though, as I like to collect commentaries on the Apocalypse (especially Catholic ones). I have read a rather excellent short commentary by one of his students, Everybody’s Apocalypse by Fr Donal McIlraith, which I would also recommend. It’s difficult to get hold of though.

  2. good work. just a question, Emmett, have you ever run across any works on the apocalypse by fr ufo vanni, sj. his specialty at true gregorian univ was pauline, but he also taught the book of the apocalypse with great focus and precision. i know he published a few things, but i think his focus was more on in-class exegesis. david d

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