The blog is back – and the Roman Missal is out!

The blog has been out of action for some time due to technical problems, but we are pleased to begin posting again today.

We hope that you are enjoying your Missals and if you have not received them just yet we ask you to be patient with us. We have had lots of good feedback, one bit coming in just today from a Deacon of the Clifton diocese. Vincent Calder was kind enough to say that the Study Missal was, “A beautiful little book that will prove very useful.”The new Roman Missal on an altar

Here are some other compliments we have received:

“I have been a priest for 31 years and have waited 31 years for this. I was not sure the Missals would live up to the hype but they are even more beautiful than I expected, thank you.”

“I am amazed at the quality of the Study Missal, a stunning book.”

Do let us know what you think!

We have also been working hard on the People’s Missals and we’ll be posting more information and previews of the Sunday Missal – scheduled for release on November 23rd – as soon as we can.

Give us your feedback on the Roman Missal in the comment box and if you want to
send photos of the book in use like the one above, please do!

Of related interest:

RM09 CTS New Sunday Missal – White Presentation Edition – The CTS New Sunday and Daily Missals are a brand-new edition being published to coincide with the launch of the new English translation of the Mass (2011). This one is white leather, with gold page edges, in box an ideal present.
RM10 CTS New Sunday Missal – Presentation Edition – New translation of the Mass with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays (and solemnities) Leather-covered hardback in a box.
RM07a CTS New Daily Missal – The new translation of the Mass together with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays and all weekdays of the year.

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2 comments on “The blog is back – and the Roman Missal is out!

  1. yes very well done – nice bindings and illustrations – but why the page tabs on the wrong pages ?
    This is so frustrating !

    Better make note of this for 2nd edition !

    • Regarding the tabs, it is not an error, there are at least 4 reasons why we decided to make them function differently from the old Missal.

      Firstly, it emulates the style of the Editio Typica,

      Secondly, it means we can use three less tabs, which keeps the cost down and keeps the number of tabs even (which is more aesthetically pleasing),

      Thirdly, it means we avoided placing a tab on the first illustrated page which is glued rather than sewn in, therefore turning to EPI there was a risk that pulling the tab would have left people with an illustrated page in their hands.

      Fourthly, the way the tabs are arranged at present, means that the first tab of the next section is always visible from the last page of the previous section i.e. when one is on the last page of the First Eucharistic prayer, the tab for the Communion rite is not obscured by any tabs above it.

      We hope that makes things a little less frustrating.

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