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The crib and A Mass being celebrated

CTS is testing a new online service for assisting Catholic parish priests, teachers, catechists, and others in preparing parish newsletters, bulletins, orders of service and catechesis, following the liturgical year.

We are seeking out 20 individuals from the UK involved in these activities who would be willing to trial this service for CTS. As well as having 2 months of free access to the service, CTS will give you £25 of free CTS publications as a ‘thank you’ for testing it for us!

To participate, just send your name, role, organisation name and street address by email to and we’ll send you the web address and your access code. Once you have tested it we’ll ask you a few questions about your experience of using the service. The closing date for applications is next Wednesday, 31 October at 11:59pm, UK time.

Don’t miss out! Email us today.

The start of the Year of Faith is now only a few days away.

We have published several special titles but we also have a Year of Faith poster, which we recently sent out with our latest catalogue mailing in September.

The poster has proved a very popular resource in that it quickly and succinctly explains what the Year is all about.

We wanted to offer a high resolution (suitable for printing) file for download so that, if you wish, you can take the file and have more copies of the poster printed to put up around the parish.

Click on the picture below to access the file (due to its size, it may take some time to open). We hope that it, along with all our other Year of Faith related material, can in a small way help people towards the return to Christ and his Church that Pope Benedict XVI has asked for during this year.

Year of Faith Poster

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Do860 Companion to Faith -This booklet is full of practical ideas about increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith over the course of this special year.
Year of Faith Leaflet Year of Faith Leaflet – This leaflet will help to familiarise Catholics and others with the Year of Faith. You will find plenty of ideas and practical suggestion of how you can take advantage of this special time.
DO852 Porta Fidei – Gate of Faith – In this document proclaiming a ‘Year of Faith’ to run from October 2012 up to the feast of Christ the King in 2013, Pope Benedict explains his reasons for calling this year, and how he intends to bring the faithful to a renewed proclamation of the Christian creed.

CTS has recently given away just under £2,000 worth of booklets to university Catholic Chaplaincies, to give to new students at Freshers Fairs.

Titles up for grabs included: new ones, such as Reasons to Believe and Christianity, texts explaining the faith, such as Credo and Apologia, and packets of leaflets including, How to pray and What is the Catholic Faith?

17 institutions from across the country took part in the giveaway and the material was very gratefully received.

Ms Angela O’Donoghue from Portsmouth University Catholic Chaplaincy got in touch to express her gratitude, writing:

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for the gift of the CTS publications for our Freshers Fayre and for the YOUCAT books received earlier in the year [thanks to 2011's YouCat Appeal].

Thank you for posting on the booklets to us so quickly they arrived in time for our second day of Freshers Fayre.

They have been much appreciated and hopefully they will sow seeds of faith and joy for the students.”

All this is possible thanks to the help, both spiritual (through prayer) and financial (through buying CTS publications, donating and membership) of all our supporters, so thank you.

The details of this year’s appeal will be announced shortly, so watch this space.

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Spiritual Masters Vol 1

It is time for another giveaway here at CTS Catholic Compass.

Throughout this week, the deputy director of the Prado art museum in Madrid, Gabriele Finaldi will be looking at some of beautiful images used in the CTS Spiritual Masters books.

These bring together Pope Benedict XVI’s addresses on the Church Fathers of the first millennium and the medieval period in a beautiful hardback accompanied by illustrations from across the globe.

The retail price for these books is £15.95 ($25.52) each

What do you have to do?

Tuesday at 10am (UK Time), a question relating to Mr Gabriele Finaldi’s first article, which was published this morning, will be posted in the comments box underneath it, if you are the first person to reply with the correct answer you’ve won.

We will then get in touch and arrange to send the books out to you.


A similar giveaway will be taking place on our Facebook page an hour later, at 11am (UK time) so there is another chance for you to win.

The prize on offer is worth over £30 ($47) so don’t miss out!

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Part II Jesus of Nazareth Vol. II – WHO IS JESUS? Many modern scholars have tried to reinterpret him as a myth, a political revolutionary, a prophet whose teaching was distorted by his followers. In short, anything other than the traditional Christian understanding of him as the Messiah, the Son of God.
Lent Lent: Walking towards the Resurrection – Pope Benedict’s illuminating and probing Lenten reflections on the season’s scripture and liturgies culminate in the greatest treasure of all: our personal participation in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Via Dolorosa Spiritual Masters: Medieval Fathers and Writers - In this richly illustrated, beautifully bound hardback volume, Pope Benedict examines the great saints of the Middle Ages from St Odo, Abbot of Cluny, to St Peter Lombard the twelfth-century theologian. With the Holy Father as our expert guide we delve into the great debates of scholastic and monastic theology.

Nuncio book

When this site was launched about a month ago we offered you a book, the official record of the Holy Father’s visit to the UK in September and those of you who were kind enough to comment hopefully received our gift and enjoyed it.

And we hope you will not be the only ones to do so, for the author was happy to present the book as a gift to the new Papal Ambassador to this country, his Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini.

The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols also made the presentation at a special mass held to welcome the new Nuncio earlier this month.

We hope he will enjoy it and it will give him a flavour of the religious and civil life of the country he is now serving, since his predecessor Archbishop Foustino Sainz Munoz retired due to ill health.

For the full story, click here.

Sharing memories

We wanted to take this opportunity to ask you for some of your favourite memories of Pope Benedict’s visit, which was just over six months ago.

Personally, I found the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Hyde Park extremely moving. Not only because seeing so many people kneeling and in silence is impressive but because it was in the centre of a city which, for so many centuries, had been averse to such practices; and because the place where so many martyrs died to defend that Roman faith was only a stone’s throw away.

Also, having travelled to many meetings and World Youth Days, I have always been aware of being in another country, surrounded by another culture. I do not for a moment mean that in a negative way, but what happened in September happened in my city and in this country.

It only made me think what a grace it would be to have World Youth Day in England – who knows, maybe one day?

Tell us about your memories of the Papal visit in the comments box.

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Britain Pilgrim in Britain – Pope Benedict XVI’s long-awaited visit to Great Britain has produced a significant body of reflections on matters of great importance not only to Christians who live in these isles, but also to those of other faiths and of none.
Via Dolorosa Via Dolorosa with Pope Benedict XVI - Well-known Gospel passages, prayers and beautiful illustrations are powerfully drawn together in these probing meditations on suffering, the cross, the place of evil and sin in our world.