Saint John Paul II – share a memory

For the feast of Saint John Paul II on the 22nd of October, we asked to our social media followers to share a memory from his visit – the first papal visit – to Britain, in 1982.

Thanks to all those who replied! It was great to read about the different experiences linked together by that same historic moment.

Here is a collection of what we have received.


I had left the church and I’m not sure I was even aware he was visiting. One day I was walking home and stopped to cross the road nearish to St George’s Cathedral. The popemobile came passed and for a second stopped immediately where I was standing  JP II smiled. I felt a tremendous shock – not horror but a feeling of being shaken – and this was the beginning of my return to the church. There were few people in that particular place because a lot of people had gone to the Anglican cathedral by mistake.
– Glynn


Ruth, part of the Totu2us team, recalled in an audio clip her time with John Paul II.
You can listen Ruth here:   Or you can check the page Saint John Paul II, We Loves You! for more testimonies.


This is our favourite quote from John Paul II’s homily at Wembley Stadium, on the 29th May 1982:

As I look at this great assembly I am full of respect for each of you. You are God’s sons and daughters; he loves you. I believe in you. I believe in all mankind. I believe in the unique dignity of every human being. I believe that each individual has a value that can never be ignored or taken away.

…and you? What do you remember of those days?
Whether a quote, a reading, a picture, share with us your encounter with this great saint, by commenting this post below.

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