Spiritual Masters Book Giveaway Tomorrow at 10am

It is time for another giveaway here at CTS Catholic Compass.

Throughout this week, the deputy director of the Prado art museum in Madrid, Gabriele Finaldi will be looking at some of beautiful images used in the CTS Spiritual Masters books.

These bring together Pope Benedict XVI’s addresses on the Church Fathers of the first millennium and the medieval period in a beautiful hardback accompanied by illustrations from across the globe.

The retail price for these books is £15.95 ($25.52) each

What do you have to do?

Tuesday at 10am (UK Time), a question relating to Mr Gabriele Finaldi’s first article, which was published this morning, will be posted in the comments box underneath it, if you are the first person to reply with the correct answer you’ve won.

We will then get in touch and arrange to send the books out to you.


A similar giveaway will be taking place on our Facebook page an hour later, at 11am (UK time) so there is another chance for you to win.

The prize on offer is worth over £30 ($47) so don’t miss out!

Of related interest:

Part II Jesus of Nazareth Vol. II – WHO IS JESUS? Many modern scholars have tried to reinterpret him as a myth, a political revolutionary, a prophet whose teaching was distorted by his followers. In short, anything other than the traditional Christian understanding of him as the Messiah, the Son of God.
Lent Lent: Walking towards the Resurrection – Pope Benedict’s illuminating and probing Lenten reflections on the season’s scripture and liturgies culminate in the greatest treasure of all: our personal participation in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Via Dolorosa Spiritual Masters: Medieval Fathers and Writers – In this richly illustrated, beautifully bound hardback volume, Pope Benedict examines the great saints of the Middle Ages from St Odo, Abbot of Cluny, to St Peter Lombard the twelfth-century theologian. With the Holy Father as our expert guide we delve into the great debates of scholastic and monastic theology.

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