Roman Missal delivery date announced!


The ritual editions of the new Roman Missal (the ones for priests) will be sent out to parishes around the UK on October 24th.

As you may have seen over the past few months on the blog, the Missals have been printed and hand-finished in Italy. They are now being shipped – literally, across the seas – to the UK and to Australia, to be delivered to Mass centres, prisons, monasteries, convents and many other places besides.

They will be packaged and prepared beforehand, so that on October 24th, which is a Monday, we can promptly send out the bulk of the priests’ Missals and you can finally see and handle them for yourselves. We look forward to receiving your feedback, at the end of October, here on CTS Catholic Compass.

The delivery date is four weeks before Advent starts, so there will be plenty of time to ensure every priest has his copies.

It is great that 90%-95% of priests have already ordered their copies. If you have not yet placed your order, please do so without delay to ensure we can get the Missals out to you in time.

Of related interest:

RM01 Altar Missal – The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia.
RM03 Chapel Missal –The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia, in a reduced size for chapels, use at the chair, etc
RM02 Study Missal – The standard ritual edition of the Missal for use in England and Wales, Scotland, and Australia, in a scaled-down reference edition for reference, study and liturgical planning.

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10 comments on “Roman Missal delivery date announced!

  1. Mr. Finaldi whilst you are upgrading your Simple Prayerbook (and inserting the missing Sanctus- Latin text) I wonder if you can address the treatment of Friday Abstinance at the back of the book. The generic dircction pracxice some act of self denial currently given is hardly faithful to the recent appeal of the Bishops of England and Wales urging Catholics here to give a united and corporate witness by abstaining from meat on Fridays. It seems that this significant call by our bishops should be clearly reflected in your Friday ascetical guidelines. Keep up the good work. Michael.

    • It may be in the future but to change a booklet is a long process and we have just finished printing the new Mass in all of them, but we will see what we can do in future.

  2. I am at an international address and returning the books to CTS via post is not an economical action. I ordered my books (including the Large Print Books) through the CTS website and am a CTS member also. Would it be possible for you to ship me the corrected books without me returning the misprint books? The misprint books cannot be sold again, right?

    • No because in order for them to be replaced you have to tear off the front cover of each one and put them in an envelope with your details. That way you don’t have to send the whole book back. For each front cover we receive, we will send a replacement booklet. I am not sure if the error occurs in the Large Print Mass book, so do check you only send us back covers of books with the error in them.

      Hope it helps

      • Thanks. I have dropped them in the mail.

        There is a problem in the Large Print booklets (see p 31), but since you aren’t aware of it, I guess they aren’t corrected and there is no point in sending the large print ones back.

        • I have checked and the error in the Large Print one has been spotted and amended so the same applies for those. Drop the covers in the post and we will replace them.


          • michael masterson

            September 9, 2011 at 6:00 pm

            I was disappointed to see in the corrected Simple Prayerbook (page 70) that the Latin Sanctus is still missing. The English is given in two versions, with and without music. Could the text only version be dropped to give space for the latin? Michael

          • We are currently looking at that as part of our continuous effort to improve our books. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Thanks for the great news!

    By the way, as we implemented the new translation of the Order of Mass over the weekend, I noticed there was a typo in the CTS order of Mass booklets for the people. In the First Eucharistic Prayer, the entire paragraph 87 was missing. Paragraph 87 is printed in the Introductory Missal (and I hope the actual altar Missals and hand missals also), but not in the people’s booklets.

    • Yes, this is correct. The omission occurs only in the Order of Mass in English and the Simple Prayer Book (Eucharistic Prayer 1 only). No other titles are affected. The priests’ missals are fine, the Order of Mass in Latin and English is fine, the Mass cards are fine.
      This has been corrected on reprint. Customers who have bought their copy from CTS and can’t live with this small omission should send their copy back to CTS with their address and we’ll replace it.

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