Remember those who are in prison


Remember those who are in prison,
as through you were in prison with them
(Hebrew 13:3)

Prisoners Week (9th – 15th October) is a time dedicated to thoughts and prayers to prisoners, their families, and to the people working in the prisons.
It is also our chance to make a difference.

With the Prisoners Appeal, we have been able to send spiritual material for the Catholic chaplains’ missions. Here we share some extracts with you from a letter of a prison visitor in mission to the Philippines.

More can be done, and a lot can be achieved together. For the month of October, you can call our office to donate – we will temporary reopen the Prison Appeal until the end of the month -, or you can visit PACT’s website for more information.

March 2015

Idaffodil-blossom have received your mail with spiritual materials and I give my thanks to you and to God for what you have sent in my missions to the prisons and jails.

I am sure of God’s reward for you for remembering in your heart the suffering prisoners who have no one to turn through the kindness of people who have God in their lives. […]

Through our affinity with the prisoners we become sensitive to their situation, we can see God in them.

The hand of the prisoners serves as their pillow when there is nothing to rest their head on.
With the hand, they write letters for their loved ones,
with the hand they give all kinds of signs which most often only their fellow inmates can understand and interpret.
Finally and most importantly, with their hands they held on to the iron bars as holding to their only faithful friend.

The inmates come and go but the iron bars will always be there.

Remember those who are in prison,
as through you were in prison with them.
(Hebrew 13:3)


June 2015

May the blessings of God our Father through our Blessed Mother be for you and for all. I have received your mail that you have sent to me and I give my thanks to you and to God through our Blessed Mother for what you have sent to me for my missions to the prisons.

I need more of your religious materials for many prisons I am going and visiting in the Philippines. My commitment to God to help them spiritually to lift their lives to God because without God, we cannot do anything. He is the One giving us the strength to carry our good works for the suffering and poor people especially those who have been forgotten in the prisons. […]jail-inside

You can see that prisoners holding the bars in the prison cells, too often or constant holding on to hard-surfaced objects like iron bars can crack one’s palms to the extent that one palm begins to resemble very hard skin.

The hands of the inmates have become lifeless and withered.
The hands of prisoners have become iron bars themselves.

For those who have not yet experienced visiting the inmates, you will develop a rapport with them. Mutual trust and understanding will little by little begin to emerge. At that point, you will literally fall in love with God for all he has shown through the inmates.

Through this, the hands of prisoners will bear witness to God through the loving people showing kindness to the forgotten people in prison bars.


Corporal Works of Mercy - cover



Corporal Works of Mercy, by Mgr Richard Atherton



CTS Prison Appeal will be open until the end of October 2016. There are different ways you can donate:
– on our dedicated JustGiving page
– via phone by calling our office
– text BIBL16 to 70070 to donate a Bible (£10)

Thanks to your support, we have helped many prisoners. This month, we can achieve even more. Thank you

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