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Among our new titles is Reasons to Believe, a booklet that sets out 12 arguments for the existence of God. As its author explains in the following article, it is a text born of real experiences, dialogue and questions.

My experience of work, life and Faith in the City was rather different from the common, negative media picture.

I saw much hard work, kindness, fun and strong underlying honesty. I saw many giving very generously to charity. Above all, I saw a real openness to the spiritual.

There was, however, a widespread lack of knowledge of basic Christian theology. There was a widespread lack of regular church attendance. As against that, virtually every law firm had an active Christian group; many had very well attended Christmas services; overall, one very often came across an interest in the spiritual, an expressed belief that there was “something there”.

Since retirement from my City practice, I have worked as a consultant and held non executive appointments. I have had much more time to read and think. I became convinced that a short book, summarizing the reasons to believe in God, would be helpful to many people. I decided to write it.

My book is addressed to two categories of reader. First, believers who (like me) would find it difficult to explain off the top of their head “Why Believe”. Second, all those who consider “ there may be something there” but are not aware of the intellectually compelling arguments for belief – or even that any such arguments exist.

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I thought that such a book, addressed to laymen, might be particularly effective if written by a layman. I appreciated very well my own limitations, of intellect and knowledge. I was not an academic or a theologian. But I could read research and think. I was used to summarizing complex issues, and to writing clearly. Above all, I knew my audience. I came from a background where I met, and worked with, my potential readers every day. The book is intentionally short, succinct and addressed to those wishing to make up their own minds on the basis of clear reasoning.

I do not believe in historical circles. I do not believe we can go back to where we were – or should try to. But people do not change. Their fundamental needs and desires remain. Their hunger for the spiritual is constant. Eternal truths remain. Presentation will change. That is not because previous methods were wrong or second rate; it is because the world changes. We do not use a quill pen in the age of the computer; but the power and beauty of Shakespeare’s work moves us as much as ever.

The booklet does not purport to set out proofs. It sets out arguments, reasons to believe in God. They are clear and powerful. They can be taken seriously, and they compel serious consideration, by any modern reader.

Reasons to Believe by Adrian Lickorish, is available from CTS priced £1.95

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