Peter and Paul – worthy patrons

If I were a saint would I be cheesed off at having to share my feast day with some other saint? Unless of course it was my spouse – like the canonised parents of Therese of Lisieux, Louis and Zelie Martin.

Ss Peter and PaulYet, Peter the first Pope, and Paul the great apostle to the gentiles, stand side by side on 29 June every year. And deliberately so, for the Church wants to tell us something about herself.

Christians are always missionary. We are all Pauls, sharing freely what we have received, witnesses to the Good news that life is beautiful and worth living to the full, in the knowledge that we are loved by God.

Equally we are all part of Peter, the guarantor of the truth, the shepherd of the flock. We cannot make up our faith, or cherry pick our beliefs. Christ himself told us: I am the way, the truth and the life – that is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Speaking of the Truth, I must also mention the CTS – Catholic Truth Society, publishers. I’ve been working in this part of the vineyard for much longer than I deserve. I have developed a special love for Peter and Paul. Why? Because they are our patron saints. Both of them, together.

In fact they look down on me from the wall beside my desk here. Paul’s preaching and teaching inspires and moves me, and Peter’s authority and love of the truth consoles and guides me. I often ask them to intercede for CTS and the wonderful staff here and the hundreds of volunteers around the country.

The 29 June, the feast of Peter and Paul, is a feast day too here for us at CTS. Please pray for us that we may as St Mother Teresa said, do little things with great love.

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