Papal visit must not be forgotten

Nuncio book

When this site was launched about a month ago we offered you a book, the official record of the Holy Father’s visit to the UK in September and those of you who were kind enough to comment hopefully received our gift and enjoyed it.

And we hope you will not be the only ones to do so, for the author was happy to present the book as a gift to the new Papal Ambassador to this country, his Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini.

The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols also made the presentation at a special mass held to welcome the new Nuncio earlier this month.

We hope he will enjoy it and it will give him a flavour of the religious and civil life of the country he is now serving, since his predecessor Archbishop Foustino Sainz Munoz retired due to ill health.

For the full story, click here.

Sharing memories

We wanted to take this opportunity to ask you for some of your favourite memories of Pope Benedict’s visit, which was just over six months ago.

Personally, I found the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Hyde Park extremely moving. Not only because seeing so many people kneeling and in silence is impressive but because it was in the centre of a city which, for so many centuries, had been averse to such practices; and because the place where so many martyrs died to defend that Roman faith was only a stone’s throw away.

Also, having travelled to many meetings and World Youth Days, I have always been aware of being in another country, surrounded by another culture. I do not for a moment mean that in a negative way, but what happened in September happened in my city and in this country.

It only made me think what a grace it would be to have World Youth Day in England – who knows, maybe one day?

Tell us about your memories of the Papal visit in the comments box.

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One comment on “Papal visit must not be forgotten

  1. My standout memory of the Holy Father’s visit was the Beatification Mass at Cofton Park. Being a Seminarian it was an awe-inspiring feeling as we walked down the aisles carrying the Blessed Sacrament as we prepared to administer Holy Communion.

    Later we had a photo opportunity with the Holy Father and I am so blessed to be able to say I managed to kiss His ring as he lined up for the photo. The video is on youtube, it was easily the greatest day of my life.

    God Bless the Pope!

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