Papal Nuncio calls Young Catholics to Public Evangelisation

At the start of this month, the Evangelium Conference 2012 took place at the Oratory school in Reading. CTS is a proud sponsor of this event and wanted to thank everyone who attended, helped organise it, or made any kind of contribution, large or small, to the undoubted success of the weekend. There follows a press release focusing on the call to action from the Papal Nuncio who celebrated Mass there on Sunday August 6th.

Archbishop Antonio Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, attended this year’s Evangelium conference with over 150 young adults. He celebrated the principal Sunday mass.

In his homily Archbishop Mennini spoke about the year of Faith, called for by Pope Benedict XVI. He referred to the conference as a blessed time of reflection on the Faith and task of evangelisation. He urged the young Catholics present to consider the calling to priesthood and religious life and stressed the importance of good and generous marriages and families to show forth God’s love in a concrete way. He re-echoed the Holy Father’s call to make the Faith public by saying,

“Nowadays, when we face an aggressively secular and relativist society, our relationship with the Lord is vitally important and should shape and enlighten our words and actions, not only in the chapel but in the marketplace too”.

Evangelium is a conference to enable committed young Catholic adults to become effective evangelists and leaders in the modern world. The event was attended by a wide range of expert speakers including former Anglican bishop Mgr Andrew Burnham of the Ordinariate and the director of the Thomas More Legal Institute for the Defense of Religious Freedom, Neil Addison.

Neil Addison gives his view on the conference in the 17th August’s edition of the Catholic Herald.

To see more photos of the event, click here.

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