Catholic Herald features CTS Booklet Lumen

A few months ago, when this blog started, we did a series of posts about Lumen: The Catholic gift to civilization. Now, a run-down of those gifts has also been featured in the Catholic Herald.

You can view the feature article here, complete with a picture of Steven Hawking and the Pope – who presumably disagreed over whether, according to the physicist’s now famous phrase “There was anything left for the creator to do” – during an audience for scientists.

The article itself is, however, much more interesting than the picture on top of it. The author, of both the article and the book in question, is Fr Andrew Pinsent, who begins with an analysis of the change in attitude towards Christianity in recent years. He writes:

“Whereas we were regarded recently as nice but naïve, today we are increasingly regarded as evil. As a result, teaching the faith and defending Christian ethics has become much more difficult.”

Luckily, however, not everybody takes this view, as Fr Andrew points out:

Jesus said: ‘You will know them by their fruits,’ and even some outside the Church appreciate her fruitfulness. In 2007, for example, an atheist businessman, Robert Wilson, gave $22.5 million (£13.5 million) to Catholic education in New York, arguing that, ‘without the Roman Catholic Church, there would be no Western civilisation.’”

This, Fr Andrew says, was one of the events that inspired him, together with Fr Marcus Holden, to write Lumen as a reminder of how much good the Catholic Church has done and how diverse the areas of that good work have been.

As controversy grows over the display of Christian symbols in Europe, a clear and reasonable look into this continent’s history is vital. Obviously a book like this is only a starting point, but it is no less important for that. Achievements highlighted include: the spread of literacy, the alphabetization of music, the development of a body of law backed-up by philosophy and much, much more.

The book is also printed in colour with beautiful illustrations. We hope this little gem will help to arm the faithful against the increasingly aggressive, and often ill-informed and prejudiced attacks on our mother the Church.

LUMEN -The Catholic Gift to Civilisation is available from CTS, priced at £2.95

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