New Order of Mass in Braille from CTS


The CTS worked in conjunction with the Royal National Institute for the Blind to produce an order of Mass for the new English translation in Braille.

This is the first time CTS have produced a Braille book. We sent the text of the new translation of the Mass to the RNIB who converted it into Braille. We hope that this will increase the participation of blind and partially-sighted people in the Mass and allow them to experience and understand the dignity and beauty of the new translation which began to be used this week.

With exactly the same content as the CTS Mass card, this Braille booklet is selling at £2.95 – just enough to cover costs – and we hope that it will prove a valuable resource alongside everything else we have produced, to help with this momentous event in the history of the English-speaking Church. Alongside the Large Print Mass book, and our other large print books, it forms part of our desire to make provision for those with this particular impairment, so that they too have the opportunity to pray and read the scriptures.

The Catholic Church has a long and proud history of provision for the blind and partially-sighted, going back centuries; this is highlighted in Lumen – A Catholic Guide to Civilisation:

“Valentin Haüy (d. 1822), founded the first school for the blind. A student from this school, Louis Braille (d. 1852), simplified their system of raised writing to create the Braille system, which is now used worldwide.”

It is fitting then, that the text of the Mass is now available in a format first devised at a Catholic school. See our website for more details.

Of related interest:

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D264 Large Print Prayer Book –Set in larger print. This prayer book contains well-known prayers: Morning and Night prayers, The Rosary, Gospel Canticles, Prayers for Confession and Holy Communion, the Divine Praises, and other well-loved prayers.
D663 Large Print Rosary Book –Meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary in larger print for the visually impaired. It also explains the practical steps of saying the Rosary, with helpful instructions and all the various prayers that are used.

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7 comments on “New Order of Mass in Braille from CTS

  1. Hi, I want to purchase a Sunday missal in braille so a blind member can go to the alter and read the readings.

  2. Your website came up when I churched for a Roman Catholic Mass Baille Book. I have a 7 year hold granddaughter who is blind with a rare disease called “Leber’s Congential Amaurosis” also known as LCA.. Isabelle is a very bright little girl, she reads braille very well and she makes her First Holy Communion on April 29th, 2012.

    In searching for a Prayer book of the Roman Catholic Mall to purchase for her, your website came up. Can you give me information on how and where I can purchase or order this book.

    Thank you so very much.

  3. We have a few parishioners who are looking for Braille version of the New Translation of the Mass in English. Could you please tell me the price in US$ for your materials with shipping and handling? I would probably need 5-10 copies in Braille.

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