New YouCat Very Clear on Contraception


You may have seen news circulating that there has been some confusion with the Italian translation of the new Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church – YouCat, notably on a question regarding contraception. (Click on the YouCat cover image at left for a PDF of the relevant pages in the English version.)

As publisher of the new Catechism in the UK and Ireland, the CTS offers the pages in question in English, showing that whatever the – doubtless unintentional – mistake made in the Italian version, it does not occur in our language.

Four reasons for family planning

The question under discussion is number 420, which asks:

May a Christian married couple regulate the number of children they have?

Yes, a Christian married couple may and should be responsible in using the gift and privilege of transmitting life. [2368–2369, 2399]

Sometimes social, psychological, and medical conditions are such that in the given circumstances an additional child would be a big, almost superhuman challenge for the couple.

Hence there are clear criteria that the married couple must observe: Regulating births, in the first place, must not mean that the couple is avoiding conception as a matter of principle.

Second, it must not mean avoiding children for selfish reasons. Third, it must not mean that external coercion is involved (if, for example, the State were to decide how many children a couple could have). Fourth, it must not mean that any and every means may be used.

You can  get a PDF of other questions on this topic here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

YouCat will be available in Britain and Ireland from Friday April 15th, published by the Catholic Truth Society and available direct from the publisher or from religious bookshops. You can pre-order here.

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[…] must be responsible about their capacity of being able to give life”. The English version, which will be published in the UK on Friday, is closer to the original German, reading rather: “May a Christian married couple regulate […]

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