New English Missal: Put aside controversy & use it for the new evangelisation

In the last part of Peter Jennings’ interview with Abbot Cuthbert Johnson, we hear about writing for the CTS, and the new translation as a tool for the spreading of God’s word.

Peter Jennings: What is the purpose and background to your CTS booklet “Understanding the Roman Missal“?

Abbot Cuthbert Johnson, OSB: I hope that this CTS booklet will provide an easily accessible resource for understanding the Roman Missal. It attempts to answer questions about the Mass by drawing on the writings of the Saints, the Church Fathers, and the teaching of the Church.

Peter Jennings:
Are you working on any other publications about the new translation; and if yes, why in particular?

Abbot Cuthbert Johnson, OSB: At the moment I am working on the text of another CTS booklet – “The Art of Celebration” – that will be published to accompany the publication of the English Missal later this year.

Peter Jennings: At the end of this interview do you have any particular points that you would like to make to priests, deacons, religious and lay-faithful in England and Wales about the new translation of the Roman Missal?

Abbot Cuthbert Johnson, OSB: Perhaps we should remember Saint Benedict’s words that “We believe that God is present everywhere and especially is this so when we celebrate the Sacred Liturgy”.

My hope for the new English translation of the Roman Missal is that all controversy is now laid aside, and that together bishops, priests, deacons, religious and the lay- faithful work to ensure that it becomes a great source for renewal in the liturgical life of the Church, and makes a valuable contribution to the work of new evangelisation.

Understanding the Roman Missal – the New Translation is available from CTS priced £1.95

Introduction of the new Roman Missal – Questions and Answers is available in packs of 25 priced £5.95

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New translation of the Roman Missal – Understanding the changes –This easy-to-read leaflet considers the biblical and liturgical character of the new translation and the benefits it brings.

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5 comments on “New English Missal: Put aside controversy & use it for the new evangelisation

  1. The revised English translation is a God-given opportunity. The previous translation helped us to understand the Mass in our own language. Now we have matured, come of age if you like, we have a new ‘grown-up’ translation, one that has captured the special liturgical language that should be associated with the Holy Mass. It is an opportunity to for catechesis – how many of us have had any instruction in our faith since we left school? It is a chance to learn afresh the mysteries of the Holy Mass. We should all embrace it and help those who struggle with the change. I have run two sessions on the Revised Translation in our area, one for teachers the other for parishioners and they were well received. Most expressed the view that it had re-awakened their fervent desire to meet Jesus in the Word and the Eucharist.

  2. Joe,
    The earlier comments say it all-the texts are out there, and at our church we have had meetings before Lent to discuss the changes and during Lent congregations at all Masses were introduced to various aspects of the thinking behind the changes to the Mass.
    I think we need to be positive and accept that the post Vatican 11 translation was a disaster in terms of the language-banal-and the new translation is so much better.

  3. “All controversy is laid aside” — a futile wish, Abbot Cuthbert. The faithful have not even seen or heard the new texts yet. There will be HUGE controversy when they do, unless the Church is brain-dead.

    • You wish, Joe. My parish started using the new texts last week and there was no problem, and the priests are explaining the reasons for the changes, as did the bishops with their recent pastoral letter. If you are so attached to ICEL 1973 apply for an indult to carry on with it; call yourself the Lame-duck Mass Society if you like, but for heaven’s stake stop whingeing (or confine yourself to the blog which seems to have been created specifically to cater for whingers.)

    • Joe, the texts are out there in the public forum for inspection by those who are interested. They are on multiple web sites and in many CTS publications. If those you are in contact with have not accessed them yet then there is clearly an absence of real interest. And I doubt therefore that there will be the reaction you seem to hope for. Joe, try to be more positive. Try to get out a bit more.

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