More information on the CTS Daily Missal

3D Image of the Daily Missal

We are now able to give you more information regarding the Daily Missal, which contains the prayers and readings for all seven days of the week. You can see these details on our website too.

We hope this helps all those who wanted to know more. The length of the book, 3448 pages, makes this the largest volume the CTS has ever produced. Our second biggest book, the CTS New Catholic Bible is more than a thousand pages smaller, totalling 2248. For all that we have made it as compact and practical as possible.

Daily Missal details:

  • Height 17.8 cm
  • Width 13 cm
  • Depth 6.3 cm
  • Weight 1.2 Kg
  • No. Of pages: 3448

The publication date is the 9th March.

You can pre-order your Daily Missal on the CTS website.

Of related interest:

RM09 CTS New Sunday Missal – White Presentation Edition – The CTS New Sunday and Daily Missals are a brand-new edition being published to coincide with the launch of the new English translation of the Mass (2011). This one is white leather, with gold page edges, in box an ideal present.
RM10 CTS New Sunday Missal – Presentation Edition – New translation of the Mass with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays (and solemnities) Leather-covered hardback in a box.
RM07a CTS New Daily Missal – The new translation of the Mass together with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays and all weekdays of the year.

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6 comments on “More information on the CTS Daily Missal

  1. Hello,

    Any update on when the leather covers are going to be available for the Daily Missal?

    God Bless,


  2. does the new cts daily missal have all the necessary information needed for sunday masses so that one does not have to buy both daily and sunday. also are all the masses of the saints of the day and saints of ireland england scotland and wales in a different part of the missal or together in one day every day .thank you. johnd.

    • Hi John,

      Sundays are included, it is the only one you will need. The saints days are arranged in date order, according to when they occur in the calendar but are easy to find thanks to a comprehensive index.


  3. Hello

    Does the new CTS Daily Missal use the Catholic RSV or the Jerusalem Bible texts? And, if it’s the Jerusalem version is it right that I’m hearing it will eventually change to the Catholic RSV making your shiny new Daily Missal useless within a couple of years?

    £45.00 is a lot of money to shell out so I don’t want to end up paying twice.

    Kind Regards,

    David Hudson (Our Lady & St. Brigid, Northfield, Birmingham UK)

    • Dear David,

      The Daily Missal uses the Jerusalem Bible, the possible change in the text used for the readings is, we are told, at least five years away. Do remember that £45 is giving you every Mass for every day of the year.


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