Missal Timeline 2011 – What is coming and when?

Here at CTS, we have begun receiving orders for the various missals and order of Mass booklets. Since the different material is going to arrive at different times, there are some understandable questions and queries. We hope the table below can answer some questions about what will be available and when.

Missal Timeline 2011

End of June – September 2011 Time for personal familiarisation with
the new texts.


Sunday, 4th September –
Saturday, 26th November 2011
Introductory period for new Missal


from 24th October 2011 Distribution of the new Ritual Missals for priests

  • Altar, Chapel and Study Missals despatched to parishes, convents and chaplaincies for use by priests.
mid-November 2011 People’s Missals

RM06 RM07a
Sunday, 27th November 2011
(1st Sunday of Advent)
Full use of new translation
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