New Roman Missal – Prices & Demonstration

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CTS is now able to announce the UK prices of the new Roman Missal which will be available this November for use from the First Sunday of Advent 2011.

We have also produced a video which highlights some of the features of this new and vitally important volume – scroll down to see it.

Roman Missal Altar Edition


Beautifully bound edition ideal for use at the altar.

Size 270 x 190mm
1566 pages

Bound in Italian genuine leather with gold blocking, front back, spine and inside cover

Gilt edges, Skinplast™ tear-resistant endpapers
15 colour plates
6 coloured 25mm hand-sewn ribbons, 18 genuine leather tabs
Flannel book pouch

Roman Missal Chapel Edition


Compact edition ideal for use at the chair or in chapels.

Size 230x162mm
1566 pages
Bound in bonded leather with gold blocking, front, back and spine
Coloured edges, Skinplast™ tear-resistant endpapers,
15 colour plates
6 coloured 15mm hand-sewn ribbons, 6 bonded leather tabs

Roman Missal Study Edition


Portable edition of the Missal for reference.

Size 170x120mm
1566 pages
Flexibound in Leatherlike™ Leatherette
15 colour plates, 6 coloured 6mm ribbons.

For further information and pre-publication discounts which will be announced after Easter, please look out for our Missal brochure, press ads or announcement on our website in early May. See below for our product demonstration video!

The Missal Webcast, by Editor Pierpaolo Finaldi

View it on YouTube
For more information, click here.

Please let us know what you think of these features by leaving a comment.

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25 comments on “New Roman Missal – Prices & Demonstration

  1. Dear All,
    I am presently on holidays in UK and intend to take one copy of this Missal for our Church in the Middle Est (Oman) and would appreciated if this can be sent to my address in UK (Leicester)

    Your help and assistance in providing the necessary information on how to obtaining this New Roman Missal is much appreciated

    Thanks and regards,

    Paulo Fernandes

    • Dear Paulo,
      Thanks for your message. Can you please call our Customer Service team on 020 7640 0042 and we’ll sort this out for you.
      Best regards.

  2. Hi. As my parish uses powerpoint slides to project the mass order, will CTS allow us to re-produce excerpts of the text in powerpoint slides for liturgical use?

    • I think questions of this sort need to be directed to the Bishops’ Conference liturgy office as we don’t own the copyright to the text.

  3. Can this beautiful edition be used in the United States?

  4. Hello, I am repeatedly asked about a missal for the laity. I know you state that you await direction from the bishops but can you indicate when this is likely to be given, be it a yes or a no? Is there a scheduled meeting at which such a decision will be made? Thank you.

    • Thanks for your enquiry, we have been given permission to publish them and are currently putting them together. They can be pre-ordered and will be available in the autumn in time for Advent and the start of the use of the new translation. However, we do not yet know how much they will cost. Please keep an eye on the blog and we will post that information as soon as we can.

      • Thank you very much, that is good news and will be greatly appreciated by many. Whatever criticisms are levelled against the use of peoples missals they are a great way for the laity to ‘own the liturgy’, to see just what is going on and be comfortable in it. I cannot think of a better way for the congregation to become familiar with the new translation than to have a resource that enables them to explore it at leisure. Thanks again CTS. More power to your arm !!

  5. Fr Robert N Thacker

    July 5, 2011 at 11:32 am Reply

    Thank you for the Order of Mass Cards which arrived this morning. One point re Communion, the instruction on the card says, ‘Communicants come forward in reverent procession; they receive Holy Communion standing’. Rome has made it abundantly clear Communicants can receive standing or kneeling as they may also receive on the tongue or in the hand. Why this attemp at confusion? Surely Rome’s instructions and authority are higher than any others in Liturgical matters?

    • This rubric’s phrasing on this Mass card was given by the Bishops’ Conference as normative for England and Wales. As you correctly say, the faithful do also have the option to kneel for communion; this practice is of course universally available and is more common in some parishes, and I am sure it will continue.

      • Fr Robert N Thacker

        July 6, 2011 at 10:36 am Reply

        Well I shall insert the option to kneel as many priests will, but why I should have to waste my valuable time this way is beyond me. Perhaps I should have ordered from suppliers who insert the correct Roman instruction.

        • We follow the instructions given to us by the liturgy office of the Bishops’ Conference, who are responsible for approving the texts used in worship in England and Wales; so if you are not satisfied I can only suggest you take up the matter with them.

  6. Could I check if the Missal will have the Ordinary of the Mass in Latin somewhere?

    Thanks and God bless!

    Happy Easter! Surrexit Christus, qui est vita nostra!

    • Thanks for your enquiry – no there will not. The Missale Parvum is available as a separate publication from Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

  7. Ms Senora Sylvester

    April 20, 2011 at 2:59 pm Reply

    Appreciate it if you would let me know if you will accept orders from India. I am a foreigner living here and will not be travelling out of the country any time soon. Thanks and God bless. A very happy and Blessed Easter!

    • And to you too! Yes, we would be happy to accept orders from oversees, but just be aware that were you to use the Missal the Proper of Saints would not be right for India, but if you want to learn the new Order of Mass for example, we are happy to help, just place your order on our website.

      • Ms Senora Sylvester

        April 20, 2011 at 5:04 pm Reply

        Thank you so much for your prompt response. Regarding the missal, it does not matter concerning the Proper of Saints as I can always listen to the readings weekdays. Fortunately, St Sylvester’s feast remains on 31 Dec. However, on Sundays, some churches tend to do the first reading in the local language and then sing some praise songs in place of the psalm proper to my horror. It is a real pity that proper training on the liturgy is lacking for the laity despite the growth of vocations. With a missal in hand, it will save me from having to read them on the Internet. I will look out for the release date /cost of the missal and order accordingly.

  8. Mrs Margaret Bamford

    April 16, 2011 at 2:56 pm Reply

    When will a version be available for personal use? What will be the cost?

    • CTS will be publishing booklets, prayer books and cards containing the new translation of the Order of Mass. We also aim (subject to approval by the Bishops’ Conferences) to publish people’s Daily and Sunday Missals later in 2011 (Oct/Nov) which will include the readings from the current lectionary. Hope this helps.

  9. It looks very impressive but can you tell me what the typeface size will be? As a vision disabled priest I have problems with the current Missal the print is too small and creates difficulty. I have no problems reading the typeface of the older missals. Will the typface be larger in the new?

    • The font size of the body text in the Altar Missal is 13.5pt. The rubrics are in 11.5pt font. We have used a hybrid font based mainly on the ITC Stone font which works very well at various sizes. This is important since the Chapel and Study Editions will be photo-reduced from the Altar Missal.

  10. Looks really good. Looking forward to that pre-publication offer for the study edition!

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