Meditations on the Sacred Heart

From CTS book: Sacred Heart: A Pilgrim’s Companion to Paray-le-Monial
By David Baldwin

Sacred Heart (1)Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Catholic Church runs long and deep.

In many Catholic churches – maybe all – you will invariably see the familiar image of the Sacred Heart, maybe by picture, but usually by statue, or sometimes at a side chapel or altar, of Jesus, with His Heart exposed at His chest, usually aflame and surrounded by the crown of thorns, sometimes held in His hand.

Many households, in many countries, may display a picture or small statue; when abroad, you may also come across a street niche sheltering the statue.

It was only when, through the revelations and specific instructions of Our Lord to Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647–1690), a nun in her convent in the depths of rural France at Paray-le-Monial, and assisted by the convent chaplain, St Claude de la Colombière (1641–1682), that the devotion spread and took hold universally.

It may be held that this particular devotion came just at the right moment – France had been devastated by nearly a century of religious and civil wars, and religion at the time is described as being a cold, joyless, formulaic affair.

The object of devotion to the Sacred Heart is, properly speaking, the physical Heart of Jesus which is worthy of adoration, because it is part of His sacred humanity, hypostatically united to the Word. However, the ultimate object of this devotion is the love of Jesus, the symbol of which is His Heart. In other words:

A Meditation on the Sacred Heart

“Beneath the symbolic image of the Heart, we contemplate and venerate our Divine Redeemer’s immense charity and generous love”
(Pius VI)

This is the real meaning of the devotion to the Sacred Heart by which the Church asks us to honour the Heart of Jesus as the visible representation of His invisible love

His divine love becomes sensible, comprehensible and tangible to us by means of the manifestations of His human love. It is always the humanity of Jesus which reveals His divinity to us, and just as we know the Son of God through His sacred humanity, so do we know His divine love through the human love of Jesus…

flowers heart

“We too, pilgrims in the flesh, love as much as we can, and embrace the One who was wounded for us, whose hands, feet, side and Heart were pierced.

Let us love and pray: ‘O Jesus, deign to bind our hearts, still so hard and unrepentant, with the chain of Your love and wound them with its dart’”
(St Bonaventure)

O Jesus, a soldier opened your side with his lance,
so that, through the gaping wound,
we might know the charity of your Heart, which loved us unto death,
and that we might enter into your unutterable love through the same channel by which it came to us.

Approach, then, O my soul, the Heart of Christ,
that magnanimous Heart, that hidden Heart, that Heart which thinks of all things and knows all things;
that loving Heart, all on fire with love.
Make me understand, O Lord, that the door of your Heart was forced open by the vehemence of your love.
Allow me to enter into the secret of that love which was hidden from all eternity,
but is now revealed by the wound in your Heart”
(St Bernadine of Siena).

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