CTS Now On Facebook

The CTS is now on Facebook!

To celebrate, we are launching an exclusive offer. People who ‘Like’ us get 20% off any order made on the CTS website until March 14th!

All you have to do is log on to our new Facebook Page and ‘Like’ us

An offer code will be posted; you place your order on the CTS website, then at the checkout, enter the code for your 20% discount.

Exclusive Facebook content and a word from the Pope

We will also be publishing soon a preview extract of the Pope’s upcoming book Jesus of Nazareth II (launch date is next Thursday, 10 March) exclusively on Facebook, so make sure you check for it.

Let’s hope the Pope ‘likes’ what we’re doing

In addressing the Pontifical Council for Social Communications yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of social media as a “New Language” and it is one that we are learning at CTS.

With this new Facebook page, we hope to offer pictures of events and projects as well as quotes, links and updates.

Either click on the Facebook button on the top-right of the page or find us here.

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