Jesus of Nazareth II – Table of Contents Revealed!


Here is the contents page of the Pope’s book, Jesus of Nazareth Part Two, the long-awaited, highly anticipated study of the climax of the life of Jesus, from one of the most important theologians of the 20th century.

The Holy Father’s book will be released in less than two weeks’ time – on March 10th – and we can now show you the exact structure of the journey in search of Christ that he wants us to accompany him on.

Table of Contents

Contents Page
Abbreviations ix
Publisher’s Note xi
Foreword xiii
Chapter 1: The Entrance into Jerusalem and the Cleansing of the Temple 1
1. The Entrance into Jerusalem 1
2. The Cleansing of the Temple 11
Chapter 2: Jesus’ Eschatological Discourse 24
1. The End of the Temple 28
2. The Times of the Gentiles 41
3. Prophecy and Apocalyptic in the Eschatological Discourse 45
Chapter 3: The Washing of the Feet 53
The hour of Jesus 54
“You are clean” 57
Sacramentum and exemplum — gift and task: The “new commandment” 61
The mystery of the betrayer 65
Two conversations with Peter 69
Washing of feet and confession of sin 72
Chapter 4: Jesus’ High-Priestly Prayer 76
1. The Jewish Feast of Atonement as Biblical Background to the High-Priestly Prayer 77
2. Four Major Themes of the Prayer 82
“This is eternal life . . .” 82
“Sanctify them in the truth . . .” 85
“I have made your name known to them . . .” 90
“That they may all be one . . .” 93
Chapter 5: The Last Supper 103
1. The Dating of the Last Supper 106
2. The Institution of the Eucharist 115
3. The Theology of the Words of Institution 125
4. From the Last Supper to the Sunday Morning Eucharist 138
Chapter 6: Gethsemane 145
1. On the Way to the Mount of Olives 145
2. The Prayer of Jesus 152
3. Jesus’ Will and the Will of the Father 157
4. Jesus’ Prayer on the Mount of Olives in the Letter to the Hebrews 162
Chapter 7: The Trial of Jesus 167
1. Preliminary Discussion in the Sanhedrin 167
2. Jesus before the Sanhedrin 175
3. Jesus before Pilate 183
Chapter 8: Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus 202
1. Preliminary Reflection: Word and Event in the Passion Narrative 202
2. Jesus on the Cross 206
a. The first of Jesus’ words from the Cross: “Father, forgive them” 206
b. Jesus is mocked 208
c. Jesus’ cry of abandonment 213
d. The casting of lots for Jesus’ garments 216
e. “I thirst” 217
f. The women at the foot of the Cross — the Mother of Jesus 219
g. Jesus dies on the Cross 223
h. Jesus’ burial 226
3. Jesus’ Death as Reconciliation (Atonement) and Salvation 229
Chapter 9: Jesus’ Resurrection from the Dead 241
1. What Is the Resurrection of Jesus? 241
2. The Two Different Types of Resurrection Testimony 248
a. The Confessional Tradition 248
1. Jesus’ death 251
2. The question of the empty tomb 253
3. The third day 257
4. The witnesses 259
b. The Narrative Tradition 260
1. Jesus’ appearances to Paul 263
2. The appearances of Jesus in the Gospels 265
3. Summary: The Nature of Jesus’ Resurrection and Its Historical Significance 272
Epilogue: He Ascended into Heaven — He Is Seated at the Right Hand of the Father, and He Will Come Again in Glory 278
Bibliography 295
Glossary 309
Index of Biblical References 331
Index of Proper Names and Subjects 341

Already from this we can see the structure and key themes of the work emerging. Leave us your comments below and let us know what you are looking forward to reading about!

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3 comments on “Jesus of Nazareth II – Table of Contents Revealed!

  1. I am eagerly waiting for this book.I just joined the youth ministry yorba linda and i wanted to know more about the journey of our loving Jesus.I want to teach and learn all His teachings and His messages.


  2. I have longed for this day. A pity you cannot get me a review copy before I have to send off the assembled material to the printer for the next issue of the New Diaconal Review or can you?

  3. I am so thrilled the second volume is coming out in time for Lent-what an incredible journey to Easter it will be. The first book is amazing-new insights into Jesus on every page, and often an image or new thought will stay with me for weeks afterwards. I think it might take me longer than 6 weeks to read if it’s as dense in scholarship as the first. Plenty to savour . . .

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