Jesus of Nazareth 3 out on 4th December – Pre-order now

Jesus of Nazareth 3

The Pope completes his immensely successful and well-received portrait of Jesus of Nazareth with this last volume, which you can pick up from CTS.

At just £11.99 (£1 less than the RRP), it is an ideal Christmas gift.

In his inimitably clear, readable and lucid style, the Pope looks at the hugely important figures of St Joseph and the Virgin Mary at the birth of Jesus. He also addresses the fulfilment of God’s promises to the Jewish people, as well as the Epiphany and its promise of salvation for all; and much more.

This text, taken together with its two predecessors, both hugely popular best-sellers in their own right, helps to form a picture of Jesus as God’s greatest gift. It draws to a close an extremely important work, both of biblical exegesis and of devotion.

In celebration of the imminent release of the third volume, Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives – which CTS is distributing in the UK and Ireland, the second volume is being offered at 50% off, just £7.48.

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