Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg gets to grips with the new creed

Award-winning actor Mark Wahlberg appeared on CBS news recently and talked about, amongst other things, trying to understand the language used in the Creed after the new translation.

In the course of a discussion on his faith, his relationship with his four children and his ongoing education, he told his interviewers that the last word he looked up in his dictionary – a book he always carries with him alongside a prayer book wherever he goes – was “Consubstantial”.

Watch the whole interview below.

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3 comments on “Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg gets to grips with the new creed

  1. The state will continue to push Christianity to the margins as long as Christians remain passive and allow this to happen. Islam is feared by the state and indeed by secularists in general and so is carefully avoided. Fear generates respect in the realm of the bully. Christians, in contrast ,are seen as unsure of themselves and a soft option and so an easy target.

    We have the numbers but are not organized. Until we organise and become more vocal and confident we will continue be picked off and puished aside. This is a matter of real-polotik not of principles. Sadly truth and virtue carry no weight here. What garners respect in this debate is ‘clout’.

  2. Did you mention that he is a loyal obama supporter, and has contributed financially to his last campaign. When asked what he thought of him being elected he said,”thank god”. His contributions to Kerry and Obama are on newsmeat.

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