Holidays for the Holy Father


Fr Federico Lombardi of the Vatican Press Office has elaborated on the Pope’s holiday plans.

“He has told us that he wants to complete it [his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy]  with a third volume, of course shorter, on the childhood of Christ, on the Gospels of the childhood,” the Vatican spokesman explained:

“He has already started to work these last months in his free time, but it will probably be the moment to complete this work or at least to advance it decisively.”

“We know very well that the Pope is not at all a person who wastes his time,” Father Lombardi said. “He is a person who makes intense use of his time, even when he rests.”

Father Lombardi explained that one day he was amazed by the words of the Benedict XVI’s secretary, Msgr. Georg Gänswein, who said very spontaneously: “It is by studying and writing on theology and sacred Scripture that the Pope rests better, because they are the subjects that stir him most deeply.”

Read the whole article on Zenit.

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