Here in Kraków (Part 3)

[Continues from Here in Krakow (Part 2)]


Now I can say that, after years of searching, making wrong decisions and, at times, waiting for the bolt of lightning to strike and God’s grand plan for my life to land in my lap, I walk boldly in faith to answer God’s hidden and silent call.

This still small voice has grown and grown from the inside out and, finally now, in faith and trust, I am taking a big step forward to enter the Seminary and study to become a Catholic Priest. Something that has, in a sense, always been waiting for me. Something that I always wanted to do and longed to do, something that must be sought; a call that must be answered

This fills me with great delight, though, I am naturally both nervous and excited.

What God has got in store for your life, who can tell?

Flag-polandI did not know, many years ago, that I would be making this step. However, God’s plan for your life is the best one – if we choose to open our hearts and explore His call, who knows the wonders He can work in and through us!

I hope to see you at World Youth Day in Krakow this year where God will be working and speaking powerfully to all of us!

Finally, just to explain the context of me being here, I did not have a permanent job in March. After searching down endless avenues most frustratingly, I decided to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Lo and behold! After my parents prayed a Novena, through St. Joseph my patron, I was suddenly, a day after it ended, asked by a friend out the blue about the possibility of going to Krakow and working with WYD.

I prayed about it for a few days. Then, having no doubts, I confirmed that I would go and, being accepted, I booked my flights to Poland to arrive only two weeks later!Krakow (2)

God has a time and a place, and I have really benefitted from being here in Poland. Never doubt the plans God has in store for you! Let us be grateful for all of His gifts, especially when we cannot see them. Listen to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit that calls us forward.

Maybe He wants to reveal something to you this World Youth Day? Maybe He wants to speak to you silently or plant small seeds in your heart too? As we often say to pilgrims and volunteers, “we’re waiting for you in Krakow!

All the best and see you soon!

Joseph Gulliford

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