Here in Kraków (Part 2)

[Continues from Here in Krakow (Part 1)]

So here I am in Krakow. I have told you a few interesting details of my time here so far, yet now I will begin to describe what brought me to this moment, to serve in such a place.


For the past few years I have been discerning what direction to take my life in and, more specifically, asking God the question,

‘What are You calling me to?’

I have heard many stories of people finding their vocations through World Youth Days.
Two of the people working here with us in the Committee, in fact, worked together in Rio three years ago and are now married.
I can think of another story of a friend from Britain who met his wife in Brazil after working for WYD there.
There are also many Priests and Nuns who have shared stories of discovering God’s call at World Youth Day.

There is something about the place, something about the atmosphere that allows God to speak powerfully. Perhaps we are able to open our hearts more to Him in such a prayerful place?

When I think back to WYD in Madrid, I was 19 and I had just finished a year working as a missionary with a Catholic community called Sion – and what a fantastic year it was! I have many fond memories of Madrid in 2011. I went with a Sion group and remain good friends with my companions to this day.

We prayed together, wrote songs together and had some incredible, once in a lifetime, experiences! It was special to see so many young people on fire in their faith and the atmosphere was electric.

confusion-311388_1280Unlike some, I did not experience any dramatic life changing moment in Madrid; nor did I feel any sort of conviction of what God was calling me to do. I left Madrid to go to University and entered into a time of great confusion.

I asked the same question to God time and time again and was often frustrated that there was no clear answer. Yet, God can speak through the little things.

Everything that had happened in my life so far had been bringing me to this place, to this moment, this journey of discovery. Something grew in the years that followed Madrid; a tender whisper I couldn’t yet recognise. This inner stirring began to grow stronger.

It was with me when I was at WYD, though I did not understand it. It was a sort of cry of the Holy Spirit in my heart; a hunger for God that could not be quenched, a thirst that could not be satisfied.forest-746009_1920

All the while I longed and longed for something I did not know. A fire burned in my soul but all I could describe it as was a desire to serve and give God everything, not knowing what to do with it.

This is interesting because, at an event like WYD, many may come and expect to experience something ‘out of this world‘, though what they do experience, in reality, may not seem so special to them. Yet, let us never doubt the hidden work of God! He is always doing something!

He was working in my heart at Madrid and in the years that followed. He will be working and blessing your heart to if you bring it to Him. So come!

[to be continued…]

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