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Hail Mary!

The journey of starting the Handmaid magazine was sparked into ignition from a desire to see creative spaces which glorify God and the expression of young people on the same journey. Like many others I often find really amazing and beautiful spaces of expression and creativity online but too often I find that my connection is hindered by the abrasion of moral values and a lack of truth. On platforms with people whom I do share that familiarity of journey, full expression isn’t always cultivated.

This magazine project was a way to create a free, encouraging space here in the UK where honesty and faithfulness is encouraged and the desire for truth aligns. Handmaid is a magazine for women in search of truth, with a deep desire and longing for journey and the adventure of knowing God. It’s for the woman who has questions and wants to live authentically.

We (as in my sister-friends and I) want to build a space that encourages self knowledge, where diversity and the mystery of women can be celebrated and femininity explored. As women our vocation ties us all together, so that we share the same calling and when we give ourselves the room to listen and understand one another, and the world we live in, we all move closer to fulfilling that call together.

It’s so important for young women to find a safe space to journey with other sisters, sisters who reveal a unique part of the image of God.

The magazine launched in January and so far the response has been really exciting. The main challenge thus far has been difficulties in finding ways to make the vision of this project materialize. People only know as much as you can present to them, so it’s still a work in progress trying to shape and then amplify the mission of Handmaid.

We’re always looking for young women who want to get involved. That may be through writing, artistic expression or photography, or maybe suggestions on topics they’d like to see. Encouraging each other in our creative gifts to build the kingdom of God is so vital in a world that can only be freely evangelised through beauty.

For those of us who want to be Handmaid’s of the Lord (which is the desire of all of us really!) we are called to an active participation in the will of God, submitting ourselves completely to his love. With the help of the constant intercession of our Mother Mary and the prayers of the Saints who revealed the love of God through their lives, we hope to continue on in this journey, pondering truth which is found always in the heart of God.

Visit HandMaid website to get a copy of the first issue: www.handmaidmag.co.uk
Content will be released soon, and you can subscribe to their mailing list. Check out also their Facebook page.


Special Gift of Women, for God the Family and the World – by Dr Maria Fedoryka

Pure Womanhood, How to Become the Woman God Wants You to Be – by Crystalina Evert


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