10 Marian Reads to Help You Grow in Love for Mary

How do you feel about Mary, the Mother of God? While as Catholics we honour her as the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God, the greatest of all the saints, I have known many Catholics who struggle to love our Blessed Mother.

Many years ago, I found myself panicking at my own lack of devotion to Mary, as though loving Mary was part of a test to be authentically Catholic, and if I didn’t discover my love for her soon, I would fail miserably. Since that time, however, my love for Mary has grown organically, by praying the rosary, consecrating myself to Jesus through her, and praying various novenas to her.

Perhaps Mary is a difficult subject for you, and you feel that this is one part of the Catholic faith you’re struggling to grasp. On the other hand, maybe you wouldn’t be without her, or perhaps you’re struggling with a constant barrage of questions about Catholic devotion to her. However warm or cold your devotion currently is, here’s a selection of CTS titles to help you grow closer to the Mother of God. Click on the images or the book title to view them on our website.

1. Our Lady Untier of Knots

You’ll be in good company with this devotion, as one person with a particular love for it is Pope Francis himself. This devotion involves praying to Mary to untie some of the many “knots” in our lives – usually a situation where we can’t see the answer and need God’s guidance. Mary, as the Mother of God, can untie the knots for us.

In this short booklet, we learn a brief history of this devotion – what is it and how did it originate? It also includes the main prayers to Our Lady Untier of Knots and the novena itself.

2. 33 Day Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

This popular devotion began with St Louis de Montfort, who had a great devotion to Mary. He believed strongly that people needed to turn to Christ’s Mother in order to find the way to Christ himself. To that end, he advocated a consecration to Jesus through Mary.

This booklet makes the devotion approachable, by combining extracts from St Louis de Montfort with meditations, Scripture readings and actions for each of the 33 days. Throughout the 33 days, anyone making this consecration is required to say certain prayers, all of which are helpfully included at the back of this booklet. The consecration should be finished on a Marian feast day, and this booklet helpfully lists those at the back of the book, along with a start date 33 days beforehand.

3. The Rosary With Pope Francis

Whether you already pray the rosary daily or would like to pray it more often, you might find it helpful under the guidance of this particularly Marian Pope.

As well as including a simple guide on how to pray the rosary, this booklet contains a scripture passage for every mystery of the Rosary, each accompanied by a reflection taken from the teachings of Pope Francis. The booklet also contains sections on indulgences for saying the Rosary, in addition to Marian prayers written by Pope Francis.

4. 20 Answers: Mary 

This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to defend the Catholic belief in Mary. There are many people who simply don’t understand Catholic belief about Mary, which is why this booklet is so valuable. This booklet comprises 20 frequently asked questions about Mary, written Tim Staples, Director of Apologetics and Evangelization for Catholic Answers.

This title is a must-have for those engaged in apologetics, evangelisation and education in the modern world, covering questions such as Who was Mary? Why is she so important? How can a human woman be God’s mother? Where in the Bible does it say that Mary was sinless and a perpetual virgin? The answers are concise yet comprehensive, the perfect read for anyone who wants to have answers ready about our Beloved Mother.

5. The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal is a popular Marian devotion among Catholics, but how many of us know its origin? This booklet details how it originated, beginning with St Catherine Labouré. In 1830, the Virgin Mary appeared to this French nun, charging her with a mission. Mary asked for a medal to be produced containing her image, detailing how it was to look. She promised that anyone who wore this medal would receive a shower of graces.

This is a fascinating read and may fill you with the desire to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Rue de Bac, Paris, where Mary first appeared, a particularly beautiful chapel hidden away in the middle of Paris.

6. Marian Prayer Book

This is a beautiful treasury of Marian prayers, perfect for any Catholic wanting to grow in devotion to Mary. It contains prayers which are familiar and well-loved (Hail Mary, the Rosary, the Angelus, Magnificat, Salve Regina), prayers from Marian Apparitions, even prayers from the Eastern Church and Marian hymns.

On top of that collection of prayers, there are also a number of Scripture passages relating to Mary. This an ideal companion for your Marian devotion, encouraging you to pray to her more often and more fervently. The fact that it also comes so beautifully bound (see the picture) means it can be treasured for many years, a constant companion in your devotion to Mary.

7. What Happened at Fatima

2017 was the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, where Mary appeared to three shepherd children over the course of several months. Reading about Marian apparitions can be an important aspect of our faith: why did Mary appear? What did she want us to know?

What Happened at Fatima faithfully adheres to the memoirs of Sister Lucia, the only Fatima seer to survive into adulthood. It depicts the events of the Fatima apparitions before continuing to reveal what happened after, including the deaths of the two younger Seers, Sts Francisco and Jacinta Marto and the later apparitions to Sister Lucia. Reading of the sincere devotion of these young visionaries will inspire your own faith and set a fire in your heart for our devoted Heavenly Mother, who so ardently seeks the conversion of the world to her son.

8. Mary – Mysteries of the Blessed Virgin Mary

If you’re looking for something to read that’s a little deeper, Mary – Mysteries of the Blessed Virgin Mary is for you. This booklet goes much deeper into exploring the role of Mary, based on the premise that people need to discover Mary for themselves. With that in mind, Dr Francesca Murphy sets out to examine Marian devotion in practice including the Rosary. She also describes particular forms of Marian devotion such as apparitions, hymns, and feasts, and explains the nature of Marian intercession.

Yet what this booklet offers that most do not is a deeper exploration of the theology of the Mother of God, including her unique role in the incarnation. This is one way to increase your devotion to Mary: to learn more about her and understand why she plays such a significant role in the heart of the Catholic Faith.

9. Loving Mary – What Pope Francis Says

Pope Francis’ own devotion to Mary is particularly inspiring, so we can learn much about devotion to her through his own words. In a way that is down-to-earth and speaks to the heart of the believer, Pope Francis words are laid out here for us to understand and to adapt as our own.

In this collection of quotes from Pope Francis, he advises us to take a number of honest and practical steps to enrich our lives and our relationship with God by honouring Mary. How can we come to know Christ better by utilising this great gift he is given us in his Mother? If you are wondering why Catholics are so devoted to Mary, if you would like to understand how she can be a gateway to Jesus, and if you would like to come to know her through the eyes of the Pope, this little booklet will get to the very heart of your questions.

10. The Beautiful Story of Mary

This is a delightful book introducing children to the Mother of God. It is beautifully illustrated by Maïte Roche, who brings the various characters from the Bible to life. Passing on faith to your children is not always easy, but here the story of Mary is told in a way that is both simple and true to Scripture.

The events of Mary’s life, from her childhood through to the Annunciation and her ultimate Resurrection joy, are brought to life here by these colourful and detailed illustrations. These images shine light on this essential element of our faith by helping children discover Mary for themselves.




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One comment on “10 Marian Reads to Help You Grow in Love for Mary

  1. Nice list. Some more that I could add. A few classics and two great novels.

    The Glories of Mary – Saint Alfonsus Ligouri
    Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin : Abridgement from the Mystical City of God – Ven Mary of Agreda
    The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Anne Catherine Emmerich
    Two from Galilee (fiction) – Marjorie Holmes
    Two Women of Galilee (fiction) – Mary Rourke

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