Evangelium Conference 2011: Who is speaking and when?

Fr Andrew Pinsent at the Evangelium Conference in 2011

The Evangelium Conference, sponsored by CTS, is taking place over the first weekend of August at the Oratory School in Reading.

For those aged 18 – 35, it aims to help Catholics explain their faith in the modern world. We can now publish the timetable, detailing the speakers and the subjects that will be discussed, other activities include daily Mass, prayer and recreation.

Many of the speakers are CTS authors, the likes of Fr Jerome Bertram and the founders of the Evangelium project, Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent.

Here is a rundown of the six major conferences being held across the weekend.

Friday 6th August

First Conference: The Recovery of Sacred Scripture – Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent – Founders of the Evangelium Project
Second Conference: Fr Jerome Bertram – Understanding the Old Testament

Saturday 7th August

Third Conference: Steve Ray – Why the Bible is a Catholic book
Fourth Conference : Dr Edmund Adamus – Towards a Civilisation of Love – Parents the Primary Educators and Protectors
Apologetics Panel – Steve Ray, Fr Andrew Pinsent, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Ed Tomlinson, Joanna Bogle

Sunday 8th August

Sixth Conference: Sr Roseann Reddy – Proclaiming the Gospel of Life

Between now and the beginning of the conference, we hope to talk to some of the prospective speakers, to get a flavour of what their talks and why they became involved in the project. For information visit the Evangelium website.

Tell your friends – and bring them along with you. Full details and booking form here.

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