England’s youth need to meet Jesus Christ

This is the last post on this blog for some weeks, as I am leaving for World Youth Day in Madrid and I can say I am not entirely sorry to leave England’s capital after last night.

London saw last night, young people looking for something – not just trainers or TVs – children as young as ten were on the streets, living out the lessons learned in a culture where value is conferred on someone by the shoes, the flat-screen or the phone they own.

Here is a warning from Blessed John Paul II, who cared so much for young people, from 1984:

“Dear young people, you are under threat from the bad use of advertising techniques, which plays upon the natural tendency to avoid effort and promises the immediate satisfaction of every desire, while the consumerism that goes with it suggests that man should seek self-fulfilment especially in the enjoyment of material goods.”

Some of these ideas were visible last night in those who robbed and vandalised across the city.

Yet the meeting in Madrid will present another idea to the world: that people were not made to satisfy themselves, or to steal or destroy, but to know God and love him, only then can we see where life comes from, from loving him and our neighbour.

A pilgrimage is a journey, and along with sleeping bags, Rosaries and other gear, the pilgrim carries the worries and questions of his own time and place. Journeying to Madrid, I will now carry with me my anxieties for the youth of this country, knowing that God is the only one who can bring good out of last night’s evil, and asking him to show this generation his unique fatherly love.

Patron saints of World Youth Day: St. John of the Cross, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, St. Isidore the Worker, St. Maria of the Head,   St. Rafael Arnaiz, St. John of Avila, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Rose of Lima and Blessed John Paul II, pray for us and for England’s young people.

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