Do we know it’s Christmas?


Gifts to buy, the big family lunch to prepare, the greetings phone calls, friends to meet, the house to clean, the relatives to invite….

The Christmas tree is ready and baby Jesus’ small statue is the only missing piece from the Nativity.

How many items are in our to-do list for this Christmas?

It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas that we sometimes forget what Christmas is actually all about.

Just look at the recent controversy about the plain-red Christmas cups launched this year by Starbucks.

“We want Starbucks to be very clear about the fact that it is Christmas,” says Fr Rob Ketcham. “But how clear are we about the fact that God was born into human history? Do we experience that, do we live that every day, do we love that?”

As Christians we are often so worried about what we fear, what we are against or we need to fight, that we miss the experience of the true love which is the root of our faith, and the real meaning of Christmas.

Fr Rob pictures the meeting between the average Christian and God at the end of this earthly life: I fought this, I was against that, and this… listing all the battles and the good campaigns supported.

“And God replies: ‘I know, I know, but…did you love me?”

So this Christmas, let’s not get too caught up in the sparkling and rushing for the celebration’s preparation. Instead, let us pause in front of the miracle of the Light of the World, and simply love.


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