CTS authors reflect on Pope Benedict – Deacon Nick Donnelly

With Pope Benedict XVI having just minutes ago finished his last general audience, Deacon Nick Donnelly, CTS author and successful blogger at Protectthepope.com tells us what he will remember of the Holy Father’s time guiding the bark of St. Peter.

“One of the major themes of Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate that has made a lasting impression on my understanding about what it means to be a Catholic is his teaching on the essential relationship between love and truth, which was the title of his third encyclical, Caritas in veritate. The Holy Father teaches that we must always keep love and truth together, because if we don’t we inevitably distort the gospel entrusted to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Liberal Catholics make the mistake of focusing on love, forgetting truth, and land up accepting all kinds of sinful behaviour such as abortion, contraception, active homosexuality, and euthanasia. Fundamentalist Catholics make the mistake of focusing on truth, forgetting love, and land up condemning and rejecting people. I must admit that I find it difficult to get the balance right at times, but the Holy Father’s example has encouraged me to keep trying.

We will honour the legacy of Pope Benedict in years to come by seeking to always hold truth and love together, challenging others with the truth, and loving them with compassion and understanding.”

Rev Nick Donnelly
Diocese of Lancaster

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