CTS unveils the new Missal and supporting resources


After much waiting, CTS has finally released full publicity materials for the new Roman Missal, together with a whole series of important resources to help both priests and people understand and implement the use of this more faithful English translation of the Mass.

These have been created in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s hope that the translation would serve as:

“A springboard for a renewal and a deepening of Eucharistic devotion all over the English-speaking world.”

The brochures are in the post now – some parishes and schools will have already received them – and thanks to modern technology you can also view online close-ups of the priests’ Missals and some sample pages from within. You can also view the full range of resources for priests, including a music CD to help priests learn the new settings of the Mass.

CTS publications to help people understand the changes

Abbot Cuthbert Johnson, a Benedictine monk, liturgist and accomplished musician, who is a Consultor to the Congregation for Divine Worship and an Advisor to the Vox Clara Committee, has written a new CTS booklet Understanding the Roman Missal – the New Translation.

In this, he goes through the new translation, its Latin roots, and the purpose of bringing us all back to a more scripture-based liturgy. And that’s not all. Two leaflets, The new translation of the Roman Missal – Understanding the changes and The Introduction of the new Roman Missal – Questions and Answers help the people in the pews to understand what is happening, why and when.

Most important of all is the introductory Missal. This extract from the Altar Missal is for use from the beginning of September to the first Sunday of Advent 2011 in England and Wales, in order to familiarise both priests and laity with the new translation. People’s Order of Mass booklets and cards are also being made available from June to support this process of familiarisation. So that, when Advent comes, everyone will feel comfortable using the new formulation.

Changing our own booklets

This important change has also meant that we have had to update all the booklets we make that contain the order of mass, including our Simple Prayer Book in all its different languages.  All this has been part of our work to provide not just the Missal, but the tools for its proper use as well.

In this way, we can all draw closer to Jesus Christ, so mysteriously yet majestically present in the Eucharist, as Benedict XVI wishes us to.

For more help please visit: www.missal2011.org and if you have any questions, drop them into the comment box below. Note: Online orders will only receive the correct discounts if you are already set up with a user account on the CTS website. If you would like to receive the brochure, contact CTS on 020 7640 0042.

Of related interest:

Introductory Missal – An extract of the full Altar Missal, for daily use during the introductory period from September to the first Sunday of Advent 2011.
And with your spirit – A double-disk music CD that demonstrates how to sing the musical settings that accompany the new Missal.
LT01 Companion to the Order of Mass –The new English language translation of the Missal uncovers many links between Scripture and the Liturgy that have hitherto been obscured. Mgr Harbert explores the meaning and import of the words of the Mass, reading them in their original context in the Bible.

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10 comments on “CTS unveils the new Missal and supporting resources

  1. Thanks for finally talking about >CTS unveils the new Missal and supporting resources <Liked it!

  2. Father Christopher Byrnes

    June 9, 2011 at 9:44 pm Reply

    I listened to a few tracks of the CD “And With Your Spirit” on the New Liturgical Movement website and it is awful to listen to. Does the main cantor have to roll his “Rs” so much. It is really grating on the ears and nerves. I do not consider it a good instructional or learning instrument. I certainly hope priests and laity do not think that that is how to sing Gregorian Chant. I have been using a video tutorial from musicasacra.com and it is much better. Please do better. This is too important to mess up. We really need to take this opportunity to save and restore the Sacred Liturgy to its true sacredness and beauty. We need all the help we can get. From what I have heard of this CD – it really would not inspire anyone to embrace chanting the Mass and teaching others to do so. I am very disappointed.

    • Thanks for your comment. We have found that recordings from The Music Makers have sold well in the past and we have not previously had any complaints about their style. We think that this disk serves very well as an instructional recording simply in terms of helping those who might not be able to read music very well, and we are sure that those who use this disk will sing in their own style once they have learnt the music.

  3. Does the 5% discount come on top of the 10% discount for CTS Family members?

    Thanks and God bless.

  4. Sir,

    Could I check if there are any pre-publication offers for the altar missals, besides the bundle offers?

    Thanks and God bless.

    • As well as the bundles, if you order with payment before 1 July 2011, we are giving an extra 5% discount on the ritual editions. Either contact our customer service team for a brochure on 020 7640 0042 or use this voucher code in the checkout: BRMI-2011-A. In Christ.

  5. Hello Michael, for some of us here the problem isn’t the new tosanlatirn which we sure did need and waited 40 years for, but the almost 10,000 last minute revisions of which some are actual mistranslations of the Latin (one of the examples given on here was St Benedict’s collect) and some are mistakes in English grammar. There were several detailed articles which you can find in the Pray Tell archives right on here I think. In fact someone on another thread has pointed out that there’s a mistake in this weeks prayer post communion. I’ve copied from that posting the two prayers so you can see that the revised one that turns out to be official has a mistake with a so where there shouldn’t be one in the third line.2008 textHaving feasted on heavene28099s delights,we pray, O Lord,that we may always hungerfor the food by which we truly live.Through Christ our Lord.2010Having fed upon these heavenly delights,we pray, O Lord,so that we may always longfor that food by which we truly live.Through Christ our Lord.

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