CTS on TV! Evangelium catechetical course featured on EWTN


One of ETWN’s longtime hosts, Fr Mitch Pacwa, interviewed Fr Andrew Pinsent, co-author of the Evangelium catechetical course on EWTN Live Wednesday 27th July.

The interview examined the approach of the course, which is published by CTS and available here and the general challenges and opportunities for the New Evangelisation, including the relationship of faith and science.

Fr Andrew outlines how his work in advertising before he became a priest has taught him to apply the same techniques when presenting the faith, making it attractive and comprehensible. He also points out that the faith can appeal to both sides of the brain: the left being our more mechanistic half and the right is more responsive to music, images and such like. Since Catholicism is based around the Incarnation, Fr Andrew argues, presentations of the faith must appeal to the physical as well as the intellectual side of man.

Lumen, Apologia and the relationship between science and religion also feature in the discussion.

It will be repeated on EWTN on Sunday 4am ET (9am UK).

CTS is delighted that its products are being used increasingly across the world in support of our shared goal to spread the riches of the Catholic Faith.

Watch the whole discussion here.

Evangelium REVISED EDITION – Presenter’s Guide is available from CTS priced £19.95
Evangelium REVISED EDITION – Participants book is available from CTS priced £8.95

Of related interest:

EV6-large Lumen – This booklet summarises the extraordinary fruitfulness of the faith, noting that our university system, art, music, legal tradition, charity and even much of our science arises from Catholic civilisation and Catholic minds.
EV4 Credo – This new, illustrated, pocket catechism offers a succinct and reliable introduction into the fullness of the Catholic faith.
EV5 Apologia – The rise of secularism and the new atheists has led to many difficult questions being regularly posed about religion in general and the Catholic Faith in particular.

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  1. Here’s the programme on YouTube, if you missed it:

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