CTS Missals – new reviews published this week

Artwork in the CTS Sunday Missal

Recently, some popular bloggers in the UK and US have received our Altar Missal and our Sunday Missal. Here we summarise what they say.

Fr Z, of What Does The Prayer Really Say, put together a photo review of the New Sunday Missal, paying particular attention to the Latin texts which face the English ones – an exclusive feature of our People’s Missals.

Back home in Britain, Fr Tim Finigan of the The Hermeneutic of Continuity, commented on his Altar Missal:

“CTS has done a fine job in producing books of excellent quality, worthy for use in the Sacred Liturgy. The Study Edition is particularly useful at the moment when we are finding our way around the ordinary, the propers and the commons.”

The Times also marked the introduction of the new Mass translation on the first Sunday of Advent last week by running a story on the changes and our various publications that go with them, (unfortunately it is behind the newspaper’s paywall.)

We hope that we can continue helping both priests and people to draw closer to Christ in the Mass.

If you have got your Sunday Missal, do let us know what you think!

Of related interest:

RM09 CTS New Sunday Missal – White Presentation Edition – The CTS New Sunday and Daily Missals are a brand-new edition being published to coincide with the launch of the new English translation of the Mass (2011). This one is white leather, with gold page edges, in box an ideal present.
RM10 CTS New Sunday Missal – Presentation Edition – New translation of the Mass with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays (and solemnities) Leather-covered hardback in a box.
RM07a CTS New Daily Missal – The new translation of the Mass together with the current 3-year cycle of readings, for Sundays and all weekdays of the year.

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8 comments on “CTS Missals – new reviews published this week

  1. What Missal was used prior to this newly introduced Missal? I also noticed that The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass is said in several different languages in this church. Any Masses in Latin, perhaps Celebrated in The Mass of 1962? I see that a table style Altar is present, is the High Altar ever used? I’m somewhat surprised that with all of the violence committed against Catholics during the Soviet era, and even with the current Russian Federation, “law”, that does not recognize Catholicism as a, “Russian Religion”, that there is a table Altar as well as Mass Celebrated in languages other than Latin.

  2. I was pleased to receive a standard edition CTS Sunday Missal as a Christmas present from my teenage daughter. It really is beautiful and already a treasured possession. A fantastic book, good quality, easy to read and with Latin. I understand it costs about £18, and I think it is worth every penny even if the Lectionary changes in 2 to 5 years. Buy it now, enjoy it and make the most of it!!

  3. Of course, those of us in the US are still stuck with the ghastly American Standard Version. The fact that the USCCB has a financial interest in this translation might have something to do with it. At least, word has it that the Ordinariate in the US (once it’s announced) and in England and Wales will be using the Catholic version of the RSV in its liturgies. No more “since I have no relations with a man” (Annunciation, 4th Advent).

  4. I think the discussion on whether to buy a Missal now or wait out until the final version of the Lectionary text is decided should be evaluated in the context of the price of books in general. A poorly bound paperback, printed in one colour, will cost today from £10 – £20 or more. You will, typically, read it once and then put it on a shelf, not to be opened again, or pass it on to another.

    For a similar price the CTS offer a hardback, quality bound book, printed in two colours. A book you will use at least once a week. This book will be of use from 2 to 5 years or more. Of course one would like to be able to use the Missal for as long as possible. But by any realistic estimation the Missal is an excellent offer and, in comparison with the overall cost of books, amazingly cheap and good value.

  5. some priest in meneva have told there people it is better to wait new out in about next year or so

  6. It may not be five years. Sources close to the Irish Bishops’ Conference have suggested 2 years. Of course, if the copyright and editorial issues are not resolved the change may not occur.

  7. I have just heard having ordered the new missal that in fact sometime soon they will be changing from the new Jerusalem translation for the texts to the RSV? which will mean needing to buy another missal! This does not seem fair, please can you tell me when the change is expected?

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