CTS Interview with Fr. Stephen Wang: What is the Catholic Church?

Fr. Stephen Wang, Senior University Chaplain for the Diocese of Westminster, is a powerful speaker and excellent CTS author. He sat down with me for an interview on his various CTS booklets and I was struck with his gracious patience as I set up the lights and film equipment. I didn’t feel as though our interview was just another task for him to check off his list; he gave me his undivided and generous attention. I can only imagine how the university students, blessed to be around him each day as part of his chaplaincy, must receive great fruits from his pastoral care.

What is the Catholic Church Cover image

In this interview with Fr. Stephen, he says that he was first inspired to write ‘What is the Catholic Church?‘ because some Missionaries of Charity implored him for his help! This simple and encouraging booklet was originally published in 1991 and then again in 2007. It has been wonderfully popular and is an excellent introduction (or, for some, a gentle reminder) of why the Catholic Church is a loving and joyful home. As Christmas approaches, you might consider offering this booklet to those who may be struggling in their faith or perhaps to those strangers you meet at Christmas Mass whom you only see onmajor holidays. Offering them this small booklet as a gift could open their hearts to receive the fruits of its content.

‘What is a Catholic Church?’ can be purchased from the Catholic Truth Society for £1.95 at our website.

Teresa Seale

CTS Marketing Intern

Other booklets by Fr. Stephen Wang:

How to Discover Your Vocation How to Discover Your Vocation – This booklet will help you to think and pray about your vocation and become clearer about where God is leading you. It answers many of the practical questions you may be asking: What are the different Christian vocations? How does God guide us and speak to us? etc.
Being a Parent Today Being a Parent Today – Being a parent today is a huge privilege and a daunting challenge. It raises so many questions about how to love your children, how to live your family life, and how to pass on your Catholic faith.This booklet gathers together the experiences of different mothers, fathers, teachers and priests. It is not a list of rules, but a collection of ideas and practical suggestions.
A Way of Life for Young Catholics A Way of Life for Young Catholics – Written for young Catholics who want to live their faith more deeply but are not sure what steps to take, this booklet contains practical, down-to-earth advice on many aspects of daily life, whether spiritual, moral, emotional, or vocational.
The New Evangelisation The New Evangelisation – Questions explored in this booklet: Why do we need a New Evangelisation? What is the history and theology of this idea? What does it look like in practice? How can we engage in the New Evangelisation in our parishes and communities? What are the key documents we can turn to for inspiration?

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