CTS apologetics highlighted by the Bishop of Portsmouth

During the course of an interview, Rt Rev Philip Egan, the Bishop of Portsmouth has praised the CTS for an apologetics that helps “Capture the imagination”.

Speaking the U.S Catholic News website The National Catholic Register about the challenges he faces, Bishop Egan stressed that modern secularism was changing people’s vision of mankind:

Catholic Knowledge Network

“It’s sort of utilitarian anthropology, a new version of what it means to be human. Our task is to show that the Christian, the Catholic approach is the natural way of life, graced in Christ – which is the way to an authentic humanism, a true happiness; it’s a happy way, and this is the full vision of the human person.”

Part of that task, he argues is an effective apologetics. In this part of the interview, our Catholic Knowledge Network Posters and Lumen – The Catholic Gift to Civilisation, are mentioned in a very positive light:

“One of the pamphlets goes through in every chapter showing the impact on culture, on history, that Catholicism has had, including of course some of the greatest scientists. There is a kind of triumph of scientism, and scientific thinking, that’s captured us: that science gives us the truth, and it’s delivered all these wonderful advances; which of course we wouldn’t say it hasn’t, but it’s only part of human knowing. So there’s a kind of epistemological argument that needs to be done; I think that would be part of apologetics too.

Lumen Cover

The thing I like about the posters you mentioned is it’s an example of capturing the imagination. I think that in the time of Pope John Paul, and the mid-to-late 20th century, there were big clashes of reason going on, but I’d say today, not only is that important, but also, who is capturing our imaginations? Who is controlling our imaginations? How do we express the Gospel in a way that strikes the heart and captures the imagination and kindles good feelings? And of course as Catholics it’s been very difficult, with the abuse crisis and all of those things: Lots of Catholics are hurting, and that makes it kind of a bit difficult, really. So there’s an internal apologetics, as well as an external.”

Read the full interview here.

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