What is the role of the Confirmation sponsor?


Confirmations are taking place at the moment, but the role of the sponsor is somewhat less well understood.

In our leaflet Being a Confirmation Sponsor, we draw attention to this particular role. It has some of the same functions as that of being a baptismal Godparent, except that this time, the candidate can choose the sponsor for themselves.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the role of the Confirmation sponsor is to, “Continue to help the candidate along the road of Christian life, to safeguard and develop the grace given at Baptism and now sealed with the Holy Spirit.” (CCC. 1320)

In practical terms, this can have two aspects, the sponsor must set an example for the candidate, by the life they live, including their ability to fail sin and ask for forgiveness, and to pray for the candidate, asking God to look after them and help them to protect and treasure the gifts they received at Confirmation.

The CTS leaflet contains a “Sponsor’s Agreement” through which it can be made clear that those who undertake this important task understand what they are doing. The agreement reads:

“I have read and understood this leaflet. I accept what the Catholic Church teaches about the role of the Confirmation Sponsor, the requirements and responsibilities. I accept the responsibilities and promise to do my best to fulfil them.”

When it comes down to it, the sponsor is simply being asked to be a Christian and to help the candidate to continue to be one, a special aspect of the calling we all received at Baptism.

A pack of 25 Being a Confirmation Sponsor leaflets is available from CTS priced £5.95

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9 comments on “What is the role of the Confirmation sponsor?

  1. A confirmation sponsor is one that is Baptised and Confirmed Catholic.

  2. would it be allowed if the godmother is in a wheelchair now what would the godmother in the wheelchair have to do?

    • Having just seen your comment, i presume that the confirmation has happened, however i felt i had to reply, a wheelchair does not define a person and should not even be a question, (and thos is cominf from a person who is not into all the politics) all that matters is that the person in question has good character, strong morals and a good relationship with the child involved. I hope ye had a good day.

  3. Can a Non-catholic be a sponsor for Comfirmation?

    • Cristiana Ferrauti

      January 24, 2017 at 11:23 am Reply

      Dear Phyllis,
      we would suggest to ask to your local priest regarding the situation for Non-Catholics, he will advise you for the best.
      Thank you

    • Phyllis – I have just had this question come up on my end and a CATHOLIC SPONSOR MUST BE BAPTIZED CATHOLIC

      • My daughter was baptised by a Lutheran. Our priest accepted her and she eventually became Catholic. Our faith believes one baptism is all we need.

    • Dear Phyllis
      A sponsor must be confirmed and Baptistesd in the Catholic church.

  4. Thk you for the infirnation. I hav been asked to b a sponsor n gorgor the meaning!?

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