Confession: A Relieving and Happy Conversation With God

Going to Confession can be quite a daunting task. For young people who are new to Confession and have many questions about it, it would be easy to simply not go at all rather than face the embarrassment of telling a priest their sins, or risking getting it wrong. The bestselling YOUCAT series for young adults has thankfully produced a book to answer all the questions young people might have about Confession, and to encourage them to frequent the Sacrament, in YOUCAT Confession. Here we asked a Catholic teen to share his thoughts on the book.

YOUCAT Confession is a great resource for people who go to confession very regularly and for someone who has never been before. I like that it provides everything you need to know about confession in a simple way and shows the importance of the sacrament without portraying confession as a scary task, but more of a relieving and happy conversation with God. It also gives you a guideline on how to make a good confession and includes helpful tools; like the “confession mirror” which provides an easy way to reflect on your conscious and think about what you should confess and a few special prayers that call for guidance through confession.

I enjoyed reading this book as it made me feel more comfortable with confession and made it seem quite appealing. By showing another person’s circumstances with confession and realising that you are alike, and have the same struggles it reassures you. Also by stating all of the good things that come out of confession and by showing how harmless it really is, it makes you want to go to confession rather than dread it.

My favourite part of this book is the questions and answers at the end as it answered all the questions that you may not want to ask a priest yourself. It also shows the reader that everyone, even the priest has similar struggles such as saying the same sin every time you go to confession.

Overall I think this book could be useful to everyone, especially if you feel uncomfortable going to confession. It makes confession easy with the confession mirror and answers your questions about confession. I will definitely be using this book before my next confession to reflect on my conscience and I will use some of the prayers.

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“It simply does not work any other way:
When you want to give Jesus room in your life,
you cannot do without reconciliation (“confession”).”


“You are holding something divine in your hands,
a book through which God speaks.”
– Pope Francis


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