Companion to Faith booklet a “Fantastic idea” says reviewer

Deacon Nick Donnelly’s booklet Companion to Faith, written for the Year of Faith, has been glowingly reviewed.

Andrew Plasom-Scott praises the text as a “Fantastic idea”, blogging:

“Each chapter contains some [ideas or examples] that you might expect (Fr Finigan’s blog, for example) and some that might be new to you (such as Stuart James’ somewhat eclectic eChurch blog).”

It is meant to be a practical guide for the Year of Faith, which begins in exactly a month, on 14th October. You can read the contents page of the book, as well as an extract, on the CTS website.

The review ends with these encouraging words:

“If you are looking for inspiration to do something different for the Year of Faith, this could well be the book for you. And if you are not, perhaps you should be!”

Companion to Faith by Deacon Nick Donnelly, is available from CTS priced £2.50

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